Story of the hares

Story of the hares who sent a hare as ambassador to the elephant, bidding him say, ‘I come to thee as the ambassador of the Moon in heaven to bid thee beware of (drinking from) this water-spring,’ as is told in full in the Book of Kalíla (and Dimna). حکایت خرگوشان کی خرگوشی راپیش پیل فرستادند کی بگو کی من رسول ماه آسمانم پیش تو کی ازین چشمه آب حذر کن چنانک در کتاب کلیله تمام گفته است

این بدان ماند که خرگوشی بگفت                             من رسول ماهم و با ماه جفت

This (claim made by you) resembles the saying of a certain hare ‘I am the ambassador of the Moon and companion to the Moon.’

کز رمه‌ی پیلان بر آن چشمه‌ی زلال                          جمله نخجیران بدند اندر وبال

For all the beasts of chase were in woe on account of a herd of elephants (dwelling) beside that limpid spring;

جمله محروم و ز خوف از چشمه دور                         حیله‌ای کردند چون کم بود زور

All were deprived (of water) and (were kept) far from the spring by dread: since (their) strength was inferior, they made a plot.

از سر که بانگ زد خرگوش زال                               سوی پیلان در شب غره‌ی هلال

From the mountain-top the old hare cried towards the elephants on the first night of the new-moon.

که بیا رابع عشر ای شاه‌پیل                                     تا درون چشمه یابی این دلیل

Come on the fourteenth, O king elephant, that thou mayst find within the spring the proof of this (assertion).

شاه‌پیلا من رسولم پیش بیست                                 بر رسولان بند و زجر و خشم نیست

O king elephant, I am the ambassador in thy presence. Stop! Ambassadors are not subjected to imprisonment and violence and wrath.

ماه می‌گوید که ای پیلان روید                                  چشمه آن ماست زین یکسو شوید

The Moon says, “O elephants, depart! The spring is mine, turn aside from it;

ورنه منتان کور گردانم ستم                                    گفتم از گردن برون انداختم

And if (ye depart) not, I will make you blind. I have declared the wrong (which ye are doing) and have thrown off my neck (all responsibility for what will happen if ye trespass farther).

ترک این چشمه بگویید و روید                                تا ز زخم تیغ مه آمن شوید

Take leave of this spring and depart, that ye may be safe from the blows of the Moon’s sword.”

نک نشان آنست کاندر چشمه ماه                             مضطرب گردد ز پیل آب‌خواه

Lo, the token (of my veracity) is that the Moon (reflected) in the spring will be disturbed by the water-craving elephant.

آن فلان شب حاضر آ ای شاه‌پیل                              تا درون چشمه یابی زین دلیل

Come and be present on the such-and-such a night, O king elephant, in order that within the spring thou mayst find the proof of this (assertion).’

چونک هفت و هشت از مه بگذرید                            شاه‌پیل آمد ز چشمه می‌چرید

When seven and eight (fifteen nights) of the month had passed, the king elephant came to drink from the spring.

چونک زد خرطوم پیل آن شب درآب                        مضطرب شد آب ومه کرد اضطراب

When on that night the elephant put his trunk in the water, the water was disturbed, and the Moon showed disturbance.

پیل باور کرد از وی آن خطاب                                 چون درون چشمه مه کرد اضطراب

The elephant believed that speech of his (the hare’s), when the Moon in the spring showed disturbance.

مانه زان پیلان گولیم ای گروه                                  که اضطراب ماه آردمان شکوه

O company (of prophets), we are not (to be reckoned) among those stupid elephants who are terrified by the disturbance of the Moon.”

انبیا گفتند آوه پند جان                                          سخت‌تر کرد ای سفیهان بندتان

The prophets said, “Ah, (our) spiritual admonition has (only) made your (carnal) bondage more grievous, O ye fools!



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