Story of the person whose ram was stolen

Story of the person whose ram was stolen by some thieves. Not content with that, they stole his clothes too by means of a trick. حکایت آن شخص کی دزدان قوج او را بدزدیدند و بر آن قناعت نکرد به حیله جامه‌هاش را هم دزدیدند

آن یکی قج داشت از پس می‌کشید دزد قج را برد حبلش را برید
A certain man had a ram (which) he was leading along behind him: a thief carried off the ram, having cut its halter.
چونک آگه شد دوان شد چپ و راست تا بیابد کان قج برده کجاست
As soon as he (the owner) noticed, he began to run to left and right, that he might find out where the stolen ram was.
بر سر چاهی بدید آن دزد را که فغان می‌کرد کای واویلتا
Beside a well he saw the thief crying, “Alas! Woe is me!”
گفت نالان از چی ای اوستاد گفت همیان زرم در چه فتاد
“O master,” said he, “why are you lamenting?” He replied, “My purse (full) of gold has fallen into the well.
گر توانی در روی بیرون کشی خمس بدهم مر ترا با دلخوشی
If you can go in and fetch it out, I will give you a fifth (of the money) with pleasure.
خمس صد دینار بستانی به دست گفت او خود این بهای ده قجست
You will receive the fifth part of a hundred dinars in your hand.” He (the owner of the ram) said (to himself), “Why, this is the price of ten rams.
گر دری بر بسته شد ده در گشاد گر قجی شد حق عوض اشتر بداد
If one door is shut ten doors are opened: if a ram is gone, God gives a camel in compensation.”
جامه‌ها بر کند و اندر چاه رفت جامه‌ها را برد هم آن دزد تفت
He took off his clothes and went into the well: at once the thief carried away his clothes too.
حازمی باید که ره تا ده برد حزم نبود طمع طاعون آورد
A prudent man is needed to find the way to the village: (if) prudence be absent, cupidity brings calamity.
او یکی دزدست فتنه‌سیرتی چون خیال او را بهر دم صورتی
He (the Devil) is a mischievous thief: like a phantom, he has (he appears in) a (different) shape at every moment.
کس نداند مکر او الا خدا ** در خدا بگریز و وا ره زان دغا
None but God knows his cunning: take refuge with God and escape from that impostor.




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