How the jackal fell into the dyeing-vat

How the jackal fell into the dyeing-vat and was dyed with many colours and pretended amongst the jackals that he was a peacock. افتادن شغال در خم رنگ و رنگین شدن و دعوی طاوسی کردن میان شغالان

آن شغالی رفت اندر خم رنگ اندر آن خم کرد یک ساعت درنگ
A certain jackal went into the dyeing-vat, stayed in the vat for a while,
پس بر آمد پوستش رنگین شده که منم طاووس علیین شده
And then arose, his skin having become particoloured, saying, ‘I have become the Peacock of ‘Illiyyín.’’
پشم رنگین رونق خوش یافته آفتاب آن رنگها بر تافته
His coloured fur had gained a charming brilliance, and the sun shone upon those colours.
دید خود را سبز و سرخ و فور و زرد خویشتن را بر شغالان عرضه کرد
He beheld himself green and red and roan and yellow, (so) he presented himself (gleefully) to the jackals.
جمله گفتند ای شغالک حال چیست که ترا در سر نشاطی ملتویست
They all said, “O little jackal, what is the matter, that thou hast in thy head manifold exultation?
از نشاط از ما کرانه کرده‌ای این تکبر از کجا آورده‌ای
Because of exultation thou hast turned aside from us (with disdain): whence hast thou brought this arrogance?”
یک شغالی پیش او شد کای فلان شید کردی یا شدی از خوش‌دلان
One of the jackals went to him and said, “O so-and-so, hast thou acted deceitfully or hast thou (really) become one of those whose hearts rejoice (in God)?
شید کردی تا به منبر بر جهی تا ز لاف این خلق را حسرت دهی
Thou hast acted deceitfully to the end that thou mayest jump on to the pulpit and by thy palaver give this folk (the feeling of) regret.
بس بکوشیدی ندیدی گرمیی پس ز شید آورده‌ای بی‌شرمیی
Thou hast striven much, (but) thou hast not felt any (spiritual) ardour; hence from deceit thou hast exhibited a piece of impudence.”
گرمی آن اولیا و انبیاست باز بی‌شرمی پناه هر دغاست
(Spiritual) ardour belongs to the saints and prophets; on the other hand, impudence is the refuge of every impostor;
که التفات خلق سوی خود کشند که خوشیم و از درون بس ناخوشند
For they draw the people’s attention to themselves, saying, “We are happy (with God),” though within (at heart) they are exceedingly unhappy.




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