The arrival of the cadi’s deputy

The arrival of the cadi’s deputy in the bazaar and his purchase of the chest from Júhí, etc. آمدن نایب قاضی میان بازار و خریداری کردن صندوق را از جوحی الی آخره

نایب آمد گفت صندوقت به چند گفت نهصد بیشتر زر می‌دهند
The deputy arrived and asked, “How much (do you want) for your chest?” “They are offering nine hundred pieces of gold and more,” said he,
من نمی‌آیم فروتر از هزار گر خریداری گشا کیسه بیار
“(But) I will not come lower than a thousand: if you intend to buy, open your purse and produce (the money).”
گفت شرمی دار ای کوته‌نمد قیمت صندوق خود پیدا بود
He replied, “Have some shame, you in the short felt frock! The value of the chest is self-evident.”
گفت بی‌ریت شری خود فاسدیست بیع ما زیر گلیم این راست نیست
He (Júhí) said, “To buy without seeing is an iniquity: our bargain is (being made) in the dark: this is not right.
بر گشایم گر نمی‌ارزد مخر تا نباشد بر تو حیفی ای پدر
I will open (it): if it is not worth (the money), don’t buy, lest you be defrauded, O father!”
گفت ای ستار بر مگشای راز سرببسته می‌خرم با من بساز
He (the deputy) said (addressing God), “O Veiler (of faults), do not reveal the secret!” (Then he said to Júhí), “I will buy it with the lid on: come to terms with me.
ستر کن تا بر تو ستاری کنند تا نبینی آمنی بر کس مخند
Veil (the faults of others) in order that (the like) veiling may be vouchsafed to you: do not deride any one till you see (yourself in) security.
بس درین صندوق چون تو مانده‌اند خوش را اندر بلا بنشانده‌اند
Many like you have been left in this chest and have landed themselves in tribulation.
آنچ بر تو خواه آن باشد پسند بر دگر کس آن کن از رنج و گزند
Inflict upon another (only) the pain and injury that you would wish and approve for yourself,
زانک بر مرصاد حق واندر کمین می‌دهد پاداش پیش از یوم دین
For God is lying in wait and in ambush, ready to give retribution before the Day of Judgement.
آن عظیم العرش عرش او محیط تخت دادش بر همه جانها بسیط
All-encompassing is the Throne of Him who is throned in grandeur: over all souls is spread the Throne of His justice.
گوشه‌ی عرشش به تو پیوسته است هین مجنبان جز بدین و داد دست
A corner of His throne is touching you: beware, do not move a hand to act impiously or unjustly.
تو مراقب باش بر احوال خویش نوش بین در داد و بعد از ظلم نیش
Keep a careful watch over your own behaviour: observe that the honey is (contained) in justice and that after injustice comes the sting.”
گفت آری اینچ کردم استم است لیک هم می‌دان که بادی اظلم است
He (Júhí) said, “Yes, what I did is wrong, but at the same time (you must) know (the proverb) that the aggressor is the more unjust (of the two).”
گفت نایب یک به یک ما بادییم با سواد وجه اندر شادییم
The deputy replied, “We are aggressors, every one of us, but notwithstanding our blackness of face we are happy,
هم‌چو زنگی کو بود شادان و خوش او نبیند غیر او بیند رخش
Like the negro who is happy and pleased, (for) he does not see his face, (though) others see it.”
ماجرا بسیار شد در من یزید داد صد دینار و آن از وی خرید
The altercation in bidding (for the chest) was prolonged: (finally) he paid a hundred dinars and bought it from him.
هر دمی صندوقیی ای بدپسند هاتفان و غیبیانت می‌خرند
O thou that findest wickedness agreeable, thou art always in the chest: the hátifs (voices from Heaven) and those who belong to the Unseen are redeeming thee.




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