The baseness of the foul

The baseness of the foul interpretation given by the fly زیافت تاویل رکیک مگس‌‌

آن مگس بر برگ کاه و بول خر
همچو کشتی‌‌بان همی‌‌افراشت سر
The fly was lifting up his head, like a pilot, on a blade of straw and (a pool of) ass’s urine.
گفت من دریا و کشتی خوانده‌‌ام
مدتی در فکر آن می‌‌مانده‌‌ام‌‌
“I have called (them) sea and ship,” said he; “I have been pondering over that (interpretation) for a long while. 
اینک این دریا و این کشتی و من
مرد کشتیبان و اهل و رایزن‌‌
Look! here is this sea and this ship, and I am the pilot and skilled (in navigation) and judicious.”
بر سر دریا همی‌‌راند او عمد
می‌‌نمودش آن قدر بیرون ز حد
He was propelling the raft on the “sea”: that (small) quantity appeared to him illimitable.
بود بی‌‌حد آن چمین نسبت بدو
آن نظر که بیند آن را راست کو
That urine was boundless in relation to him: where was the vision that should see it truly?
عالمش چندان بود کش بینش است
چشم چندین بحر هم چندینش است‌‌
His world extends (just) as far as his sight reaches; his eye is so big, his “sea” is big in the same proportion.
صاحب تاویل باطل چون مگس
وهم او بول خر و تصویر خس‌‌
So with the false interpreter (of the Qur’án): like the fly, his imagination is (foul as) ass’s urine and his conception (worthless as) a straw.
گر مگس تاویل بگذارد به رای
آن مگس را بخت گرداند همای‌‌
If the fly leave off interpreting by (following his own) opinion, Fortune will turn that fly into a humáy.
آن مگس نبود کش این عبرت بود
روح او نی در خور صورت بود
One who possesses this (Divine) indication (of the true meaning) is not a fly: his spirit is not analogous to his (outward) form.




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