The excellence of the remorse felt

The excellence of the remorse felt by one who was sincere (in his devotion) for having missed the congregational prayers. فضیلت حسرت خوردن آن مخلص بر فوت نماز جماعت‏

آن یکی می‏رفت در مسجد درون
مردم از مسجد همی‏آمد برون‏
A certain man was going into the mosque (when) the people were coming out of the mosque.
گفت پرسان که جماعت را چه بود
که ز مسجد می‏برون آیند زود
He began to ask (one of them), saying, “What ails the congregation that they are coming out of the mosque (so) soon?”
آن یکی گفتش که پیغمبر نماز
با جماعت کرد و فارغ شد ز راز
That person said to him, “The Prophet has prayed with the congregation and finished (his) communion.
تو کجا در می‏روی ای مرد خام
چون که پیغمبر بداده ست السلام‏
How art thou going in, O foolish man, when the Prophet has given the blessing?”
گفت آه و دود از آن اه شد برون
آه او می‏داد از دل بوی خون‏
He cried, “Ah!” and smoke issued from that (burning) sigh: his sigh was giving forth the smell of blood from his heart.
آن یکی از جمع گفت این آه را
تو به من ده و آن نماز من ترا
A certain man said, “Give (me) that sigh and may this (ritual) prayer of mine be (bestowed) on thee as a gift!”
گفت دادم آه و پذرفتم نماز
او ستد آن آه را با صد نیاز
He answered, “I give the sigh and accept the prayers.” He (the other) took that sigh with a hundred yearnings (towards God).
شب به خواب اندر بگفتش هاتفی
که خریدی آب حیوان و شفا
At night, whilst (he was) asleep, a Voice said to him, “Thou hast bought the Water of Life and salvation.
حرمت این اختیار و این دخول
شد نماز جمله‏ی خلقان قبول‏
In honour of this choice and this appropriation the prayers of all the people have been accepted.”




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