Parable of the world

Parable of the world (really) existent that appears non-existent and the world (really) non-existent that appears existent. مثال عالم هست نیست‌نما و عالم نیست هست‌نما

نیست را بنمود هست و محتشم
هست را بنمود بر شکل عدم
He (God) hath caused the non-existent to appear existent and magnificent; He hath caused the existent to appear in the form of non-existence.
بحر را پوشید و کف کرد آشکار
باد را پوشید و بنمودت غبار
He hath concealed the Sea and made the foam visible; He hath concealed the Wind and displayed to thee the dust.
چون مناره‌ی خاک پیچان در هوا
خاک از خود چون برآید بر علا
The dust is whirling in the air, (high) as a minaret: how should the dust rise aloft of itself?
خاک را بینی به بالا ای علیل
باد را نی جز به تعریف دلیل
Thou seest the dust on high, O infirm (of sight): the Wind (thou seest) not, except through knowledge given by induction.
کف همی‌بینی روانه هر طرف
کف بی‌دریا ندارد منصرف
Thou seest the foam moving in every direction: without the Sea the foam hath no turning-place.
کف به حس بینی و دریا از دلیل
فکر پنهان آشکارا قال و قیل
Thou seest the foam by sense perception and the Sea by induction: thought is hidden, speech manifest.
نفی را اثبات می‌پنداشتیم
دیده‌ی معدوم‌بینی داشتیم
We deemed negation to be affirmation: we had an eye that saw (only) the nonexistent.
دیده‌ای که اندر نعاسی شد پدید
کی تواند جز خیال و نیست دید
The eye that appeared (came into being) in a state of slumber, how should it be able to see aught but phantasy and non-existence?
لاجرم سرگشته گشتیم از ضلال
چون حقیقت شد نهان پیدا خیال
Necessarily we were bewildered by error, since Reality was hidden and Phantasy visible,
این عدم را چون نشاند اندر نظر
چون نهان کرد آن حقیقت از بصر
(Wondering) why He (God) set up this non-existence in (full) view and why He caused that Reality to be hidden from sight. 
آفرین ای اوستاد سحرباف
که نمودی معرضان را درد صاف
Praise (to Thee), O Master-weaver of magic who hast made the dregs to seem pure (wine) to them that turn away (from the Truth).
ساحران مهتاب پیمایند زود
پیش بازرگان و زر گیرند سود
Magicians quickly measure moonbeams in the presence of the merchant and receive gold as profit.
سیم بربایند زین گون پیچ پیچ
سیم از کف رفته و کرباس هیچ
(When) by artful tricks of this sort they take money, the money is gone from his (the purchaser’s) hand, (but) there is no linen (to be seen).
این جهان جادوست ما آن تاجریم
که ازو مهتاب پیموده خریم
This world is a sorcerer, and we are the merchants who buy from it the measured moonbeams.
گز کند کرباس پانصد گز شتاب
ساحرانه او ز نور ماهتاب
Magician-like, it hastily measures out by the ell five hundred ells of linen from the light of the moonbeams,
چون ستد او سیم عمرت ای رهی
سیم شد کرباس نی کیسه تهی
(Yet), when it takes the money, (which is) thy life, O slave, the money is gone, there is no linen, and thy purse is empty.
قل اعوذت خواند باید کای احد
هین ز نفاثات افغان وز عقد
Thou must recite Say, I take refuge, crying, “O (Thou who art) One, come, save me from the witches and from (their) knots.
می‌دمند اندر گره آن ساحرات
الغیاث المستغاث از برد و مات
These sorceresses are blowing on the knots: help, O Thou whose help is besought against (the world’s) victory and checkmate.”
لیک بر خوان از زبان فعل نیز
که زبان قول سستست ای عزیز
But invoke (Him) with the tongue of deeds also, for the tongue of words is weak, O honourable man.
در زمانه مر ترا سه همره‌اند
آن یکی وافی و این دو غدرمند
In the world thou hast three fellow-travellers: one is faithful and these two (others) are treacherous.
آن یکی یاران و دیگر رخت و مال
وآن سوم وافیست و آن حسن الفعال
One (of the latter) is friends and the other is goods and chattels; and the third (fellow-traveller) is faithful, and that one is excellence in deeds.
مال ناید با تو بیرون از قصور
یار آید لیک آید تا به گور
(Thy) wealth will not come with thee out of thy palaces; (thy) friend will come, but he will come (only) as far as thy grave.
چون ترا روز اجل آید به پیش
یار گوید از زبان حال خویش
When thy day of doom comes to meet thee, thy friend will say (to himself) in the language appropriate to his sentiments,
تا بدینجا بیش همره نیستم
بر سر گورت زمانی بیستم
“(I have come) as far as here: I accompany thee no farther, I will stand a (little) while at thy grave.”
فعل تو وافیست زو کن ملتحد
که در آید با تو در قعر لحد
Thy deeds (alone) are faithful: make of them thy refuge, for they will come with thee into the depths of the tomb.




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