The miracles of Ibráhím

The miracles of Ibráhím son of Adham on the seashore. کرامات ابراهیم ادهم بر لب دریا

هم ز ابراهیم ادهم آمده ست
کاو ز راهی بر لب دریا نشست‏
Thus, it is related of Ibráhím son of Adham that after a journey he sat down (to rest) by the edge of the sea.
دلق خود می‏دوخت آن سلطان جان
یک امیری آمد آن جا ناگهان‏
(Whilst) that spiritual king was stitching his mantle, an Amír suddenly came to that spot.
آن امیر از بندگان شیخ بود
شیخ را بشناخت سجده کرد زود
That Amír had been one of the Shaykh’s servants; he recognized the Shaykh and at once bowed low.
خیره شد در شیخ و اندر دلق او
شکل دیگر گشته خلق و خلق او
He was astounded at the Shaykh and at his dervish garb (for) his nature and outward guise had become transformed.
کاو رها کرد آن چنان ملک شگرف
بر گزید آن فقر بس باریک حرف‏
(Marvelling) that he gave up such a grand kingdom, and chose that very pettifogging (spiritual) poverty;
ترک کرد او ملک هفت اقلیم را
می‏زند بر دلق سوزن چون گدا
(And why) he renounced the sovereignty of the Seven Climes, and plies the needle on his dervish-cloak, like a beggar.
شخ واقف گشت از اندیشه‏اش
شیخ چون شیر است و دلها بیشه‏اش‏
The Shaykh became aware of his thought: a Shaykh is as the lion, and (people’s) hearts are his jungle.
چون رجا و خوف در دلها روان
نیست مخفی بر وی اسرار جهان‏
He is entering, like hope and fear, into (their) hearts: not hid from him are the secrets of the world.
دل نگه دارید ای بی‏حاصلان
در حضور حضرت صاحب دلان‏
Keep watch over your hearts, O fruitless ones, in the presence of the majesty of the men of heart (saints).
پیش اهل تن ادب بر ظاهر است
که خدا ز ایشان نهان را ساتر است‏
Before the men of body (worldings), respect is (shown) outwardly, for God is veiling the occult from them.
پیش اهل دل ادب بر باطن است
ز انکه دلشان بر سرایر فاطن است‏
Before the men of heart (saints), respect is (shown) inwardly, because their hearts have insight into the secret thoughts.
تو بعکسی پیش کوران بهر جاه
با حضور آیی نشینی پایگاه‏
Thou art contrariwise: for the sake of (worldly) position thou comest with reverence before them that are blind (to spiritual things), and sittest in the vestibule;
پیش بینایان کنی ترک ادب
نار شهوت را از آن گشتی حطب‏
(But) before the seers thou behavest disrespectfully: hence thou hast become fuel for the fire of lust.
چون نداری فطنت و نور هدی
بهر کوران روی را می‏زن جلا
Since thou hast not (spiritual) perception and the light of (Divine) guidance, continue to polish (cleanse and brighten) thy face for the sake of the blind!
پیش بینایان حدث در روی مال
ناز می‏کن با چنین گندیده حال‏
Before the seers, daub thy face with dirt! Act haughtily (towards them) notwithstanding such a stinking state (as thou art in)!
شیخ سوزن زود در دریا فگند
خواست سوزن را به آواز بلند
The Shaykh quickly threw his needle into the sea, and with a loud voice called for the needle.
صد هزاران ماهی اللهیی
سوزن زر در لب هر ماهیی‏
Myriads of Divine fishes in the lips of each fish a needle of gold.
سر بر آوردند از دریای حق
که بگیر ای شیخ سوزنهای حق‏
Lifted their heads from God’s sea, saying, “Take, O Shaykh, God’s needles.”
رو بدو کرد و بگفتش ای امیر
ملک دل به یا چنان ملک حقیر
He turned his face towards him (the Amír) and said to him, “O Amír, is the kingdom of the heart (spirit) better, or such a despicable kingdom (as I once possessed)?”
این نشان ظاهر است این هیچ نیست
تا بباطن در روی بینی تو بیست‏
This (miracle) is the outward sign, this is nothing: wait till you enter the inward (shrine and) see (what is there)!
سوی شهر از باغ شاخی آورند
باغ و بستان را کجا آن جا برند
From the garden they bring to town (only) a branch: how should they carry thither the (whole) garden and orchard?
خاصه باغی کاین فلک یک برگ اوست
بلکه این مغز است وین عالم چو پوست‏
Especially, a Garden whereof this heaven is (but) one leaf; nay, that is the kernel, and this world) is as the husk.
بر نمی‏داری سوی آن باغ گام
بوی افزون جوی و کن دفع زکام‏
(If) you are not stepping on (briskly) towards that Garden, seek more scent, and get rid of (your) rheum,
تا که آن بو جاذب جانت شود
تا که آن بو نور چشمانت شود
In order that that scent may draw your soul (thither); in order that that scent may become the light of your eyes.
گفت یوسف ابن یعقوب نبی
بهر بو ألقوا علی وجه أبی‏
For the scent’s sake Joseph, son of Jacob the prophet, said: “Cast (my shirt) upon my father’s face.”
بهر این بو گفت احمد در عظات
دایما قرة عینی فی الصلاة
For this scent’s sake Ahmad (Mohammed) constantly said in (his) exhortations: “In the ritual prayer is the delight of mine eye.”
پنج حس با همدگر پیوسته‏اند
ز انکه این هر پنج از اصلی رسته‏اند
The five (spiritual) senses are linked with one another, all these five have grown (are derived) from a sublime root (source).
قوت یک قوت باقی شود
ما بقی را هر یکی ساقی شود
The strength of one becomes the strength of the rest: each one becomes a cupbearer to the rest.
دیدن دیده فزاید عشق را
عشق در دیده فزاید صدق را
Seeing with the eye increases love; love increases penetration in the eye.
صدق بیداری هر حس می‏شود
حسها را ذوق مونس می‏شود
Penetration (of sight) becomes the (means of) awakening (stimulating) every sense, (so that) perception (of the spiritual) becomes familiar to (all) the senses.




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