The miracles of Shaybán Rá‘í

The miracles of Shaybán Rá‘í, may God sanctify his venerable spirit! کرامات شیخ شیبان راعی قدس الله روحه العزیز

هم‌چو آن شیبان که از گرگ عنید وقت جمعه بر رعا خط می‌کشید
Just as Shaybán Rá‘í (the shepherd), because of the froward wolf, used to draw a line round his flock at the hour of the Friday prayers,
تا برون ناید از آن خط گوسفند نه در آید گرگ و دزد با گزند
In order that no sheep should go beyond that line, and that no wolf or mischievous robber should come inside.
بر مثال دایره‌ی تعویذ هود که اندر آن صرصر امان آل بود
Twas on the model of Húd’s circle of refuge, in which his followers were safe from the sarsar wind.
هشت روزی اندرین خط تن زنید وز برون مثله تماشا می‌کنید
(Húd said to them), “Stay quietly within this line for eight days and view the terrible mutilation (which is being inflicted) outside.”
بر هوا بردی فکندی بر حجر تا دریدی لحم و عظم از هم‌دگر
It (the wind) lifted (the unbelievers) into the air and flung them on the stones, so that flesh and bone were torn asunder.
یک گره را بر هوا درهم زدی تا چو خشخاش استخوان ریزان شدی
One party it hurled against each other in the air, so that their bones crumbled like poppy-seed.
آن سیاست را که لرزید آسمان مثنوی اندر نگنجد شرح آن
There is no room in the Mathnawí to describe fully that chastisement whereat Heaven trembled.
گر به طبع این می‌کنی ای باد سرد گرد خط و دایره‌ی آن هود گرد
If, O icy wind, thou art doing this by (thine own) nature, (then) try to invade the line and circle drawn by Húd!
ای طبیعی فوق طبع این ملک بین یا بیا و محو کن از مصحف این
O natural philosopher, perceive that this kingdom (of God) is above Nature, or else come and (if thou canst) wipe out this (narrative) from the Holy Book!
مقریان را منع کن بندی بنه یا معلم را به مال و سهم ده
Prohibit those who recite the Qur’án (professionally) and impose a ban (upon them), or punish the teacher and put terror into him!
عاجزی و خیره کن عجز از کجاست عجز تو تابی از آن روز جزاست
Thou art helpless and unable to understand the cause of this helplessness: thy helplessness is a reflexion (foretaste) of the Day of Retribution.
عجزها داری تو در پیش ای لجوج وقت شد پنهانیان را نک خروج
O perverse man, thou hast many a helpless plight before thee: (when) the hour comes, lo, the hide-aways will emerge!
خرم آن کین عجز و حیرت قوت اوست در دو عالم خفته اندر ظل دوست
Happy is he whose (spiritual) food is this helplessness and bewilderment and who in both worlds is sleeping in the shadow (protection) of the Beloved.
هم در آخر عجز خود را او بدید مرده شد دین عجایز را گزید
He (such an one) is conscious of being helpless both in the stable (of the present life) and in the last (future) state: he is dead (to self), he has adopted “the old women’s religion.”
چون زلیخا یوسفش بر وی بتافت از عجوزی در جوانی راه یافت
(He is) like Zalíkhá, (who), when Joseph beamed upon her, found the way from decrepitude to youth.
زندگی در مردن و در محنتست آب حیوان در درون ظلمتست
Life depends on dying (to self) and on suffering tribulation: the Water of Life is in the (Land of) Darkness.




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