The miraculous gifts of Shaykh Aqta’

The miraculous gifts of Shaykh Aqta’, and how he used to weave palm-leaf baskets with both hands.کرامات شیخ اقطع و زنبیل بافتن او بدو دست

در عریش او را یکی زایر بیافت کو بهر دو دست می زنبیل بافت
A visitor found him in his hut, (and saw) that he was weaving a basket with both hands.
گفت او را ای عدو جان خویش در عریشم آمده سر کرده پیش
He (the Shaykh) said to him, “O enemy of thine own life, who hast come putting thy head into my hut.
این چراکردی شتاب اندر سباق گفت از افراط مهر و اشتیاق
Why hast thou made such hot haste?” He replied, “From excess of love and longing.”
پس تبسم کرد و گفت اکنون بیا لیک مخفی دار این را ای کیا
Then he (the Shaykh) smiled and said, “Now come in, but keep this (thing) secret, O noble sir.
تا نمیرم من مگو این با کسی نه قرینی نه حبیبی نه خسی
Till I die, do not tell this to any one, neither to a comrade nor to a beloved nor to a worthless fellow.”
بعد از آن قومی دگر از روزنش مطلع گشتند بر بافیدنش
Afterwards other folk, (looking) through his window, became acquainted with his weaving.
گفت حکمت را تو دانی کردگار من کنم پنهان تو کردی آشکار
He said, “O Creator, Thou knowest the wisdom (the purpose in this). I conceal (my secret), Thou hast revealed it.”
آمد الهامش که یکچندی بدند که درین غم بر تو منکر می‌شدند
The Divine inspiration came to him: “There were a number of people who were beginning to disbelieve in thee in (consequence of) this affliction,
که مگر سالوس بود او در طریق که خدا رسواش کرد اندر فریق
Saying, ‘Perchance he was a hypocrite in the Way (of God), so that God made him infamous among humankind.’
من نخواهم کان رمه کافر شوند در ضلالت در گمان بد روند
I don not wish that that party should become infidels and in thinking evil (of thee) fall into perdition;
این کرامت را بکردیم آشکار که دهیمت دست اندر وقت کار
(Hence) We divulged this miracle- (namely), that We give thee a hand in thy working time.
تا که آن بیچارگان بد گمان رد نگردند از جناب آسمان
To the end that these wretched evil-thinking men may not be turned back from the Lord of Heaven.
من ترا بی این کرامتها ز پیش خود تسلی دادمی از ذات خویش
Erstwhile, indeed, without these miracles I was giving thee consolation from My Person;
این کرامت بهر ایشان دادمت وین چراغ از بهر آن بنهادمت
This miracle I have given thee for their sake, and on that account have I bestowed on thee this (spiritual) lamp.
تو از آن بگذشته‌ای کز مرگ تن ترسی وز تفریق اجزای بدن
Thou art past being afraid of bodily death and dismemberment of the limbs.
وهم تفریق سر و پا از تو رفت دفع وهم اسپر رسیدت نیک زفت
Vain imagination concerning the dismemberment of head and foot has gone from thee: there has come to thee, for a defence against imagination, a shield exceeding strong.”




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