The story of ‘Á’isha

The story of ‘Á’isha, may God be well-pleased with her, how she asked Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, saying, “It rained to-day: since thou wentest to the graveyard, how is it that thy clothes are not wet?” قصه‌‌ی سؤال کردن عایشه از مصطفی علیه السلام که امروز باران بارید چون تو سوی گورستان رفتی جامه‌‌های تو چون تر نیست‌‌

مصطفی روزی به گورستان برفت
با جنازه‌‌ی مردی از یاران برفت‌‌
One day Mustafá went to the graveyard: he went with the bier of a man (who was one) of his friends.
خاک را در گور او آگنده کرد
زیر خاک آن دانه‌‌اش را زنده کرد
He made the earth so that it filled his grave: he quickened his seed under the earth.
این درختانند همچون خاکیان
دستها بر کرده‌‌اند از خاکدان‌‌
These trees are like the interred ones: they have lifted up their hands from the earth.
سوی خلقان صد اشارت می‌‌کنند
و آن که گوش استش عبارت می‌‌کنند
They are making a hundred signs to the people and speaking plainly to him that hath ears (to hear).
با زبان سبز و با دست دراز
از ضمیر خاک می‌‌گویند راز
With green tongue and with long hand (fingers) they are telling secrets from the earth’s conscience (inmost heart).
همچو بطان سر فرو برده به آب
گشته طاوسان و بوده چون غراب‌‌
(Sunk in earth) like ducks that have plunged their heads in water, they have become (gay as) peacocks, though (in winter) they were (dark and bare) as crows.
در زمستانشان اگر محبوس کرد
آن غرابان را خدا طاوس کرد
If during the winter He imprisoned them (in ice and snow), God made those “crows” “peacocks” (in spring).
در زمستانشان اگر چه داد مرگ
زنده‌‌شان کرد از بهار و داد برگ‌‌
Although He put them to death in winter, He revived them by means of spring and gave (them) leaves.
منکران گویند خود هست این قدیم
این چرا بندیم بر رب کریم‌‌
The sceptics say, “This (creation), surely, is eternal: why should we fix it on a beneficent Lord?”
کوری ایشان درون دوستان
حق برویانید باغ و بوستان‌‌
God, in despite of them, caused (spiritual) gardens and plots of sweet flowers to grow in the hearts of His friends.
هر گلی کاندر درون بویا بود
آن گل از اسرار کل گویا بود
Every rose that is sweet-scented within, that rose is telling of the secrets of the rose.
بوی ایشان رغم انف منکران
گرد عالم می‌‌رود پرده دران‌‌
Their scent, to the confusion of the sceptics, is going round the world, rending the veil (of doubt and disbelief).
منکران همچون جعل ز آن بوی گل
یا چو نازک مغز در بانگ دهل‌‌
The sceptics, (shrinking) from the scent of the rose like a beetle, or like a delicate (sensitive) brain at the noise of the drum,
خویشتن مشغول می‌‌سازند و غرق
چشم می‌‌دزدند زین لمعان برق‌‌
Feign themselves to be occupied and absorbed, and withdraw their eyes from the flash of the lightning.
چشم می‌‌دزدند و آن جا چشم نی
چشم آن باشد که بیند مأمنی‌‌
They withdraw their eyes, but no eye is there: the eye is that which sees a place of safety.
چون ز گورستان پیمبر باز گشت
سوی صدیقه شد و هم راز گشت‌‌
When the Prophet returned from the graveyard, he went to the Siddíqa and confided (in her).
چشم صدیقه چو بر رویش فتاد
پیش آمد دست بر وی می‌‌نهاد
As soon as the eye of the Siddíqa fell upon his countenance, she advanced and began to lay her hand on him,
بر عمامه و روی او و موی او
بر گریبان و بر و بازوی او
On his turban and his face and his hair, on his collar and chest and arm.
گفت پیغمبر چه می‌‌جویی شتاب
گفت باران آمد امروز از سحاب‌‌
Said the Prophet, “What art thou seeking so hastily?” She replied, “To-day rain fell from the clouds:
جامه‌‌هایت می‌‌بجویم از طلب
تر نمی‌‌بینم ز باران ای عجب‌‌
I am searching thy garments in quest (of moisture), I do not feel them wet with the rain. Oh, how wonderful!”
گفت چه بر سر فگندی از ازار
گفت کردم آن ردای تو خمار
The Prophet said, “What wrap hast thou thrown over thy head?” Said she, “I made that ridá (plaid) of thine (serve as) a head-covering.”
گفت بهر آن نمود ای پاک جیب
چشم پاکت را خدا باران غیب‌‌
He said, “O pure-bosomed one, that is why God revealed to thy pure eye the rain of the Unseen.
نیست آن باران از این ابر شما
هست ابری دیگر و دیگر سما
That rain is not from your clouds: there are other clouds and another sky.”




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