How four persons quarrelled about grapes

How four persons quarrelled about grapes

How four persons quarrelled about grapes, which were known to each of them by a different name. منازعت چهار کس جهت انگور که هر یکی به نام دیگر فهم کرده بود آن را

چار کس را داد مردی یک درم
آن یکی گفت این به انگوری دهم‏
A certain man gave a dirhem to four persons: one of them (a Persian) said, “I will spend this on angúr.”
آن یکی دیگر عرب بد گفت لا
من عنب خواهم نه انگور ای دغا
The second one was an Arab: he said, “No, I want ‘inab, not angúr, O rascal!”
آن یکی ترکی بدو گفت ای گزم
من نمی‏خواهم عنب خواهم ازم‏
The third was a Turk; and he said, “This (money) is mine: I don’t want ‘inab, I want uzum.” 
آن یکی رومی بگفت این قیل را
ترک کن خواهیم استافیل را
The fourth, a Greek, said, “Stop this talk: I want istáfíl.”
در تنازع آن نفر جنگی شدند
که ز سر نامها غافل بدند
These people began fighting in contention with one another, because they were unaware of the hidden meaning of the names.
مشت بر هم می‏زدند از ابلهی
پر بدند از جهل و از دانش تهی‏
In their folly they smote each other with their fists: they were full of ignorance and empty of knowledge.
صاحب سری عزیزی صد زبان
گر بدی آن جا بدادی صلح‏شان‏
If a master of the esoteric had been there, a revered and many-languaged man, he would have pacified them;
پس بگفتی او که من زین یک درم
آرزوی جمله‏تان را می‏خرم‏
And then he would have said, “With this one dirhem I will give all of you what ye wish.
چون که بسپارید دل را بی‏دغل
این درمتان می‏کند چندین عمل‏
When without deceit ye surrender your hearts (to me), this dirhem will do all this for you.
یک درمتان می‏شود چار المراد
چار دشمن می‏شود یک ز اتحاد
Your one dirhem will become four the result desired: four enemies will become one through unanimity.
گفت هر یک تان دهد جنگ و فراق
گفت من آرد شما را اتفاق‏
What each one of you says produces strife and separation; what I say brings you agreement.
پس شما خاموش باشید أنصتوا
تا زبان تان من شوم در گفت‏وگو
Therefore be ye mute, keep silence, that I may be your tongue in speech and talk.”
گر سخنتان می‏نماید یک نمط
در اثر مایه‏ی نزاع است و سخط
(Even) if your words appear uniform (seem to express an agreement), in effect they are the source of contention and anger.
گرمی عاریتی ندهد اثر
گرمی خاصیتی دارد هنر
Borrowed (accidental) heat produces no (essential) effect; natural heat hath (its own) effect.
سرکه را گر گرم کردی ز آتش آن
چون خوری سردی فزاید بی‏گمان‏
If you have made vinegar hot by means of fire, (still) when you drink it, it will undoubtedly increase the coldness (of your constitution),
ز انکه آن گرمی او دهلیزی است
طبع اصلش سردی است و تیزی است‏
Because that (artificially produced) heat of it is exotic: its fundamental nature is coldness and tartness.
ور بود یخ بسته دوشاب ای پسر
چون خوری گرمی فزاید در جگر
And (on the other hand), though grape-syrup be frozen, my son, it will add heat to the liver when you drink it. 
پس ریای شیخ به ز اخلاص ماست
کز بصیرت باشد آن وین از عماست‏
Hence the Shaykh’s hypocrisy is better than our sincerity, for the former arises from (spiritual) insight, while the latter arises from (spiritual) blindness.
از حدیث شیخ جمعیت رسد
تفرقه آرد دم اهل حسد
From the Shaykh’s discourse comes union (concord); the words of the corporealists (materialists) bring separation (discord).
چون سلیمان کز سوی حضرت بتاخت
کاو زبان جمله مرغان را شناخت‏
As (for example) Solomon, who sped (on his prophetic mission) from God, and who knew the language of all birds.
در زمان عدلش آهو با پلنگ
انس بگرفت و برون آمد ز جنگ‏
In the time of his just sway the deer made friends with the leopard and ceased from war.
شد کبوتر ایمن از چنگال باز
گوسفند از گرگ ناورد احتراز
The dove became secure from the talons of the hawk, the sheep took no precaution against the wolf.
او میانجی شد میان دشمنان
اتحادی شد میان پر زنان‏
He (Solomon) became an arbitrator between enemies: he became a (means of establishing) oneness between the creatures that fly with wings.
تو چو موری بهر دانه می‏دوی
هین سلیمان جو چه می‏باشی غوی‏
Thou art running after grain, like an ant. Hark! seek for Solomon! Why art thou still astray?
دانه جو را دانه‏اش دامی شود
و آن سلیمان جوی را هر دو بود
To the seeker of grain his grain becomes a snare, but the seeker of Solomon may have both (Solomon and the grain).
مرغ جانها را در این آخر زمان
نیستشان از همدگر یک دم امان‏
In these latter days the soul-birds have no security from each other for a moment;
هم سلیمان هست اندر دور ما
کاو دهد صلح و نماند جور ما
(Yet) even in our epoch there is a Solomon who would give (us) peace and not suffer our injustice to continue.
قول إن من أمة را یاد گیر
تا به إلا و خلا فیها نذیر
Call to mind (the text), There is no people down to (the words) but in the past a warner dwelt among them.
گفت خود خالی نبوده ست امتی
از خلیفه‏ی حق و صاحب همتی‏
God said that verily there has never been a people devoid of a vicar of God and a man of spiritual power;
مرغ جانها را چنان یکدل کند
کز صفاشان بی‏غش و بی‏غل کند
And he makes the soul-birds so unanimous that, in respect of sincerity, he purges them of (all) guile and rancour.
مشفقان گردند همچون والده
مسلمون را گفت نفس واحده‏
They become (as) kind as a mother: he (Mohammed) said of the Moslems, “(They are as) one soul.”
نفس واحد از رسول حق شدند
ور نه هر یک دشمن مطلق بدند
(’Twas) through the Messenger of Allah they became one soul; else, they were absolute enemies, every one (to the other).




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