How Pharaoh summoned the women

How Pharaoh summoned the women who had new-born children to the maydán, (doing this) also for the sake of his plot (against Moses). خواندن فرعون زنان نوزاده را سوی میدان هم جهت مکر

بعد نه مه شه برون آورد تخت سوی میدان و منادی کرد سخت
After nine months the King brought out his throne to the maydán and made a strict proclamation.
کای زنان با طفلکان میدان روید جمله اسرائیلیان بیرون شوید
“O women, go with your babes to the maydán; go forth, all ye of Israel.
آنچنانک پار مردان را رسید خلعت و هر کس ازیشان زر کشید
Just as last year robes of honour were bestowed on the men, and every one of them bore away gold,
هین زنان امسال اقبال شماست تا بیابد هر یکی چیزی که خواست
Hark, O women, this year it is your fortune, so that each one (of you) may obtain the thing she desires.
مر زنان را خلعت و صلت دهد کودکان را هم کلاه زر نهد
He will give the women robes of honour and donations; on the children too he will put mitres of gold.
هر که او این ماه زاییدست هین گنجها گیرید از شاه مکین
Take heed! Every one of you that has borne a child during this month shall receive treasures from the mighty King.”
آن زنان با طفلکان بیرون شدند شادمان تا خیمه‌ی شه آمدند
The women went forth with their babes: they came joyfully to the King’s tent.
هر زن نوزاده بیرون شد ز شهر سوی میدان غافل از دستان و قهر
Every woman that had newly given birth went forth from the city to the maydán, unsuspicious of guile and vengeance.
چون زنان جمله بدو گرد آمدند هرچه بود آن نر ز مادر بستدند
When all the women were gathered around him, they (the King’s officers) took away from the mothers whatever was male,
سر بریدندش که اینست احتیاط تا نروید خصم و نفزاید خباط
And cut off its head, saying, “This is a precaution, that the (King’s) enemy may not grow up and that disorder may not increase.”




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