The story of the ducklings

The story of the ducklings

The story of the ducklings which were fostered by a domestic fowl. قصه ‏ی بط بچگان که مرغ خانگی پروردشان‏

تخم بطی گر چه مرغ خانه‏ات
کرد زیر پر چو دایه تربیت‏
Thou art the offspring of a duck, though a domestic fowl has fostered thee as a nurse beneath her wing.
مادر تو بط آن دریا بده‏ست
دایه‏ات خاکی بد و خشکی پرست‏
Thy mother was the duck of that Sea; thy nurse was of the earth and devoted to the dry land.
میل دریا که دل تو اندر است
آن طبیعت جانت را از مادر است‏
The desire which is in thy heart for the Sea thy soul hath that nature (instinct) from thy mother.
میل خشکی مر ترا زین دایه است
دایه را بگذار کاو بد رایه است‏
The desire thou hast for the dry land is from this nurse. Leave the nurse, for she is an evil counsellor.
دایه را بگذار در خشک و بران
اندر آن در بحر معنی چون بطان‏
Leave the nurse on the dry land, and press on: come into the Sea of spiritual reality, like the ducks.
گر ترا مادر بترساند ز آب
تو مترس و سوی دریا ران شتاب‏
(Even) if thy mother should bid thee be afraid of the water, fear not thou, but push speedily into the Sea.
تو بطی بر خشک و بر تر زنده‏ای
نی چو مرغ خانه خانه کنده‏ای‏
Thou art a duck: thou art one that lives (both) on dry and wet; thou art not one like the domestic fowl, whose house is dug (in the ground).
تو ز کرمنا بنی آدم شهی
هم به خشکی هم به دریا پا نهی‏
Thou art a king in virtue of (the text), We have ennobled the sons of Adam: thou settest foot both on the dry land and on the Sea.
که حملناهم علی البحری به جان
از حملناهم علی البر پیش ران‏
For in spirit thou art (what is signified by the text), We have conveyed them on the Sea: push forward (then) from (the state implied in the words), We have conveyed them on the land.
مر ملایک را سوی بر راه نیست
جنس حیوان هم ز بحر آگاه نیست‏
The angels have no access to the land; the animal kind, again, are ignorant of the Sea.
تو به تن حیوان به جانی از ملک
تا روی هم بر زمین هم بر فلک‏
Thou in (thy) body art an animal, and in (thy) spirit thou art of the angels, so that thou mayst walk on the earth and also in the sky;
تا به ظاهر مثلکم باشد بشر
با دل یوحی إلیه دیده‏ور
So that the seer with heart divinely inspired may be, in appearance, a man like yourselves.
قالب خاکی فتاده بر زمین
روح آن گردان بر این چرخ برین‏
His body of dust (is here), fallen upon the earth; (but) his spirit (is) circling in this highest sphere (of Heaven).
ما همه مرغابیانیم ای غلام
بحر می‏داند زبان ما تمام‏
We all are water-birds, O lad: the Sea fully knows our language.
پس سلیمان بحر آمد ما چو طیر
در سلیمان تا ابد داریم سیر
Therefore the Sea is (our) Solomon, and we are as the birds (familiar with Solomon): in Solomon we move unto everlasting.
با سلیمان پای در دریا بنه
تا چو داود آب سازد صد زره‏
With Solomon set thy foot in the Sea, that the water, David-like, may make a hundred rings of mail (ripples).
آن سلیمان پیش جمله حاضر است
لیک غیرت چشم بند و ساحر است‏
That Solomon is present to all, but (His) jealousy binds (our) eyes (with spells) and enchants (us),
تا ز جهل و خوابناکی و فضول
او به پیش ما و ما از وی ملول‏
So that from folly and drowsiness (forgetfulness) and vanity He is beside us, and (yet) we are sick of Him.
تشنه را درد سر آرد بانگ رعد
چون نداند کاو کشاند ابر سعد
The noise of thunder gives the thirsty man headache, when he does not know that it (the thunder) brings on the rain-clouds of felicity.
چشم او مانده است در جوی روان
بی‏خبر از ذوق آب آسمان‏
His eye remains (fixed) upon the running stream, unaware of the delicious taste of the Water of Heaven.
مرکب همت سوی اسباب راند
از مسبب لاجرم محجوب ماند
He has urged the steed of (his) attention towards (secondary) causes: consequently he remains debarred from the Causer.
آن که بیند او مسبب را عیان
کی نهد دل بر سببهای جهان‏
(But) one that sees the Causer plainly how should he set his mind upon the (secondary) causes in the world?


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