The story of the wind

The story of the wind which destroyed the people of ‘Ád in the time of (the prophet) Húd, on whom be peace قصه‌‌ی باد که در عهد هود علیه السلام قوم عاد را هلاک کرد

هود گرد مومنان خطی کشید
نرم می‌‌شد باد کانجا می‌‌رسید
Húd drew a line round the believers: the wind would become soft (subside) when it reached that place,
هر که بیرون بود ز آن خط جمله را
پاره پاره می‌‌گسست اندر هوا
(Although) it was dashing to pieces in the air all who were outside of the line.
همچنین شیبان راعی می‌‌کشید
گرد بر گرد رمه خطی پدید
Likewise Shaybán the shepherd used to draw a visible line round his flock
چون به جمعه می‌‌شد او وقت نماز
تا نیارد گرگ آن جا ترک تاز
Whenever he went to the Friday service at prayer-time, in order that the wolf might not raid and ravage there:
هیچ گرگی در نرفتی اندر آن
گوسفندی هم نگشتی ز آن نشان‌‌
No wolf would go into that (circle), nor would any sheep stray beyond that mark;
باد حرص گرگ و حرص گوسفند
دایره‌‌ی مرد خدا را بود بند
The wind of the wolf’s and sheeps’ concupiscence was barred because of (by) the circle of the man of God.
همچنین باد اجل با عارفان
نرم و خوش همچون نسیم یوسفان‌‌
Even so, to those who know God (‘árifán) the wind of Death is soft and pleasant as the breeze (that wafts the scent) of (loved) ones like Joseph.
آتش ابراهیم را دندان نزد
چون گزیده‌‌ی حق بود چونش گزد
The fire did not set its teeth in Abraham: how should it bite him, since he is the chosen of God?
ز آتش شهوت نسوزد اهل دین
باقیان را برده تا قعر زمین‌‌
The religious are not burned by the fire of lust which bore all the rest down to the bottom of the earth.
موج دریا چون به امر حق بتاخت
اهل موسی را ز قبطی واشناخت‌‌
The waves of the sea, when they charged on by God’s command, discriminated the people of Moses from the Egyptians.
خاک قارون را چو فرمان در رسید
با زر و تختش به قعر خود کشید
The earth, when the (Divine) command came, drew Qárún (Korah) with his gold and throne into its lowest depth.
آب و گل چون از دم عیسی چرید
بال و پر بگشاد مرغی شد پرید
The water and clay, when it fed on the breath of Jesus, spread wings and pinions, became a bird, and flew.
هست تسبیحت بخار آب و گل
مرغ جنت شد ز نفخ صدق دل‌‌
Your glorification (of God) is an exhalation from the water and clay (of your body): it became a bird of Paradise through the breathing (into it) of your heart’s sincerity.
کوه طور از نور موسی شد به رقص
صوفی کامل شد و رست او ز نقص‌‌
Mount Mount Sinai, from (seeing) the radiance of Moses, began to dance, became a perfect Súfí, and was freed from blemish.
چه عجب گر کوه صوفی شد عزیز
جسم موسی از کلوخی بود نیز
What wonder if the mountain became a venerable Súfí? The body of Moses also was (formed) from a piece of clay.


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