How, in the presence of Solomon

How, in the presence of Solomon, on whom be peace, the gnat appealed for justice against the Wind.داد خواستن پشه از باد به حضرت سلیمان علیه السلام

پشه آمد از حدیقه وز گیاه وز سلیمان گشت پشه دادخواه
The gnat came from the garden and the grass, and the gnat began to demand justice from Solomon,
کای سلیمان معدلت می‌گستری بر شیاطین و آدمی‌زاد و پری
Saying, “O Solomon, thou dealest out justice to the devils and the children of men and the Jinn.
مرغ و ماهی در پناه عدل تست کیست آن گم‌گشته کش فضلت نجست
Bird and fish are under the protection of thy justice: who is the lost one whom thy bounty hath not sought out?
داد ده ما را که بس زاریم ما بی‌نصیب از باغ و گلزاریم ما
Give justice to us, for we are very miserable: we are deprived of the orchard and the rose-garden.
مشکلات هر ضعیفی از تو حل پشه باشد در ضعیفی خود مثل
The difficulties of every weakling are solved by thee: the gnat in sooth is the (proverbial) similitude for weakness.
شهره ما در ضعف و اشکسته‌پری شهره تو در لطف و مسکین‌پروری
We are celebrated for weakness and frailty: thou art celebrated for kindness and care of the lowly.
ای تو در اطباق قدرت منتهی منتهی ما در کمی و بی‌رهی
O thou who hast reached the limit in (traversing) the stages of Power, (while) we have reached the limit in failure and aberration,
داد ده ما را ازین غم کن جدا دست گیر ای دست تو دست خدا
Do justice, relieve us from this sorrow, take our hand (to help us), O thou whose hand is the hand of God.”
پس سلیمان گفت ای انصاف‌جو داد و انصاف از که میخواهی بگو
Then Solomon said, “O seeker of equity, tell (me), against whom art thou demanding justice and equity?
کیست آن کالم که از باد و بروت ظلم کردست و خراشیدست روت
Who is the oppressor that in (his) insolence has done thee injury and scratched thy face?
ای عجب در عهد ما ظالم کجاست کو نه اندر حبس و در زنجیر ماست
Oh, wonderful! Where, in Our epoch, is the oppressor that is not in Our prison and chains?
چونک ما زادیم ظلم آن روز مرد پس بعهد ما کی ظلمی پیش برد
When We were born, on that day Injustice died: who, then, hath produced (committed) in Our epoch an act of injustice?
چون بر آمد نور ظلمت نیست شد ظلم را ظلمت بود اصل و عضد
When the light dawned, the darkness vanished: darkness is the origin and support of injustice.
نک شیاطین کسب و خدمت می‌کنند دیگران بسته باصفادند و بند
Look, (some of) the devils are doing work and service; the others are bound in shackles and bonds.
اصل ظلم ظالمان از دیو بود دیو در بندست استم چون نمود
The origin of the injustice of the oppressors was from the devil: the devil is in bondage: how did violence appear?
ملک زان دادست ما را کن فکان تا ننالد خلق سوی آسمان
(The Divine Will uttered in) ‘Be, and it was’ hath bestowed the kingdom on Us, that the people may not cry out in lament to Heaven;
تا به بالا بر نیاید دودها تا نگردد مضطرب چرخ و سها
That burning sighs may not soar upward; that the sky and the stars may not be shaken;
تا نلرزد عرش از ناله یتیم تا نگردد از ستم جانی سقیم
That the empyrean may not tremble at the orphan’s wail; that no (living) soul may be marred by violence.
زان نهادیم از ممالک مذهبی تا نیاید بر فلکها یا ربی
We established a law (of justice) throughout the kingdoms (of the earth), to the end that no (cry of) ‘O Lord!’ should go up to the skies.
منگر ای مظلوم سوی آسمان کاسمانی شاه داری در زمان
O oppressed one, do not look to Heaven, for thou hast a heavenly king in the temporal world.”
گفت پشه داد من از دست باد کو دو دست ظلم بر ما بر گشاد
The gnat said, “My appeal is against the hand (might) of the Wind, for he opened the two hands of oppression against us.
ما ز ظلم او به تنگی اندریم با لب بسته ازو خون می‌خوریم
Through his oppression we are in sore straits: with closed lips we are drinking blood (suffering torment) from him.”




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