How the ass answered the fox

How the ass answered the fox, saying, “Trust in God is the best way of earning a livelihood, for every one needs to trust in God and cry, ‘O God, bring this work of mine to success’; and prayer involves trust in God, and trust in God is the (only) means of livelihood that is independent of any other means, etc.” جواب گفتن خر روباه را کی توکل بهترین کسبهاست کی هر کسبی محتاجست به توکل کی ای خدا این کار مرا راست آر و دعا متضمن توکلست و توکل کسبی است کی به هیچ کسبی دیگر محتاج نیست الی آخره

گفت من به از توکل بر ربی می‌ندانم در دو عالم مکسبی
He (the ass) said, “In the two worlds I do not know any means of livelihood superior to trust in my Lord.
کسب شکرش را نمی‌دانم ندید تا کشد رزق خدا رزق و مزید
I know nothing to be compared with the acquisition of thanksgiving to Him, in order that thanksgiving to God may bring (in its train) the daily bread and the increase (thereof).”
بحثشان بسیار شد اندر خطاب مانده گشتند از سال و از جواب
Their dispute was prolonged in mutual altercation (till) they became incapable of (further) questioning and answering.
بعد از آن گفتش بدان در مملکه نهی لا تلقوا بایدی تهلکه
Afterwards he (the fox) said to him, “Mark in the (Divine) kingdom the prohibition, ‘Do not cast yourselves into destruction.’
صبر در صحرای خشک و سنگ‌لاخ احمقی باشد جهان حق فراخ
In a barren desert covered with stones self-denial is folly: God’s world is wide.
نقل کن زینجا به سوی مرغزار می‌چر آنجا سبزه گرد جویبار
Move from this place towards the meadow, and browse there on the verdure round about the river.
مرغزاری سبز مانند جنان سبزه رسته اندر آنجا تا میان
A meadow verdant like Paradise, where the verdure grows up to (as high as) the waist.
خرم آن حیوان که او آنجا شود اشتر اندر سبزه ناپیدا شود
Happy the animal that goes thither: amidst the verdure a camel would become invisible.
هر طرف در وی یکی چشمه‌ی روان اندرو حیوان مرفه در امان
There, on every side, is a running fountain; there the animals are in comfort and security.”
از خری او را نمی‌گفت ای لعین تو از آن‌جایی چرا زاری چنین
From asininity he (the ass) did not say to him, “O accursed one, thou art (come) from there: how art thou so wretched?
کو نشاط و فربهی و فر تو چیست این لاغر تن مضطر تو
Where is thy gaiety and fatness and comeliness? What is (the meaning of) this lean starved body of thine?
شرح روضه گر دروغ و زور نیست پس چرا چشمت ازو مخمور نیست
If thy description of the meadow is not (mere) falsehood and fiction, then why is thine eye not intoxicated (enraptured) by it?
این گدا چشمی و این نادیدگی از گدایی تست نه از بگلربگی
These greedy looks and this blindness are the result of thy beggarliness, not of (spiritual) sovereignty.
چون ز چشمه آمدی چونی تو خشک ور تو ناف آهویی کو بوی مشک
Since thou hast come from the fountain, how art thou dry (thirsty)? And if thou art (fragrant like) the gland of the musk-deer, where is the fragrance of musk?
زانک می‌گویی و شرحش می‌کنی چون نشانی در تو نامد ای سنی
How is there no trace in thee of that which thou sayest and describest, O exalted one?”




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