How the Amírs endeavoured

How the Amírs endeavoured to rebut that argument by the Necessitarian error and how the King answered them. مدافعه‌ی امرا آن حجت را به شبهه‌ی جبریانه و جواب دادن شاه ایشان را

پس بگفتند آن امیران کین فنیست از عنایتهاش کار جهد نیست
Then the Amírs said, “This is a branch (species) of His (God’s) providential favours: it has nothing to do with (personal) effort.
قسمت حقست مه را روی نغز داده‌ی بختست گل را بوی نغز
The fair face of the moon is bestowed on it by God, the sweet scent of the rose is the gift of Fortune.”
گفت سلطان بلک آنچ از نفس زاد ریع تقصیرست و دخل اجتهاد
“Nay,” said the Sultan, “that which proceeds from one’s self is the product of (one’s own) remissness and the income derived from (one’s own) labour.
ورنه آدم کی بگفتی با خدا ربنا انا ظلمنا نفسنا
Otherwise, how should Adam have said unto God, ‘O our Lord, verily we have wronged ourselves’?
خود بگفتی کین گناه از نفس بود چون قضا این بود حزم ما چه سود
Surely he would have said, ‘This sin was from Fate: since it was destiny, what does our precaution avail?’
هم‌چو ابلیسی که گفت اغویتنی تو شکستی جام و ما را می‌زنی
Like Iblís, who said, ‘Thou hast led me astray: Thou hast broken the cup and art beating me.’”
بل قضا حقست و جهد بنده حق هین مباش اعور چو ابلیس خلق
Nay, (the Divine) destiny is a fact and the slave’s (man’s) exertion (of power) is a fact: beware, do not be blind of one eye, like the tatterdemalion Iblís.
در تردد مانده‌ایم اندر دو کار این تردد کی بود بی‌اختیار
We are left vacillating between two (alternative) actions: how should this vacillation be without (unaccompanied by) free-will?
این کنم یا آن کنم او کی گود که دو دست و پای او بسته بود
How should he whose hands and feet are chained say, “Shall I do this or shall I do that?”
هیچ باشد این تردد بر سرم که روم در بحر یا بالا پرم
Can there ever be in my head such a dilemma as this, (namely), “Shall I walk on the sea or shall I fly aloft?”
این تردد هست که موصل روم یا برای سحر تا بابل روم
(No); there is (only) this (kind of) vacillation, (namely), “Shall I go toMosul (for trade) or shall I go to Babylon for (the study of) magic?”
پس تردد را بباید قدرتی ورنه آن خنده بود بر سبلتی
Vacillation, then, must have (in connexion with it) a power to act; otherwise, it would be a (mere) mockery.
بر قضا کم نه بهانه ای جوان جرم خود را چون نهی بر دیگران
Do not put the blame on Destiny, O youth: how can you lay upon others (responsibility for) your own sin?
خون کند زید و قصاص او به عمر می خورد عمرو و بر احمد حد خمر
Does Zayd commit murder, and the retaliation for which he is liable fall upon ‘Amr? Does ‘Amr drink wine, and the penalty for wine(-drinking) fall upon Ahmad?
گرد خود برگرد و جرم خود ببین جنبش از خود بین و از سایه مبین
Circle round yourself and perceive your sin: perceive that the movement proceeds from the sun and do not regard it as proceeding from the shadow;
که نخواهد شد غلط پاداش میر خصم را می‌داند آن میر بصیر
For the Lord’s retribution will not err: that sagacious Lord knows the guilty one.
چون عسل خوردی نیامد تب به غیر مزد روز تو نیامد شب به غیر
When you have eaten (too much) honey, the fever (caused by it) does not come to (does not attack) another; your day’s wages do not come at nightfall to another.
در چه کردی جهد کان وا تو نگشت تو چه کاریدی که نامد ریع کشت
In what (work) have you exerted yourself without its returning to you (in some form) What have you sown without the produce of the seed coming (back to you)?
فعل تو که زاید از جان و تنت هم‌چو فرزندت بگیرد دامنت
Your action that is born of your soul and body clings to your skirt, like your (own) child.
فعل را در غیب صورت می‌کنند فعل دزدی را نه داری می‌زنند
In the Unseen World the action is given a form (corresponding to its nature): is not a gallows erected (in retribution) for the act of robbery?
دار کی ماند به دزدی لیک آن هست تصویر خدای غیب‌دان
How should the gallows resemble robbery? But that is the form given (to robbery) by God who knoweth things unseen,
در دل شحنه چو حق الهام داد که چنین صورت بساز از بهر داد
Since God inspired the prefect’s heart to make such a form for justice’ sake.
تا تو عالم باشی و عادل قضا نامناسب چون دهد داد و سزا
So long as you are wise and just, how should Destiny deal justice and give retribution not in accordance (with your actions)?
چونک حاکم این کند اندر گزین چون کند حکم احکم این حاکمین
Since a judge does this in the case of a virtuous man, how (then) will the most Just of these judges give judgement? 
چون بکاری جو نروید غیر جو قرض تو کردی ز که خواهد گرو
When you sow barley nothing except barley will grow up: (if) you have borrowed, from whom (but yourself) will you require the security?
جرم خود را بر کسی دیگر منه هوش و گوش خود بدین پاداش ده
Do not lay (responsibility for) your sin upon any one else: give your mind and ear to this retribution.
جرم بر خود نه که تو خود کاشتی با جزا و عدل حق کن آشتی
Lay the sin upon yourself, for you yourself sowed (the seed): make peace with the recompense and justice of God.
رنج را باشد سبب بد کردنی بد ز فعل خود شناس از بخت نی
The cause of (your) affliction is some evil deed: acknowledge that evil is done by you, not by Fate.
آن نظر در بخت چشم احوال کند کلب را کهدانی و کاهل کند
To look at Fate (alone) makes the eye asquint: it makes the dog be attached to the kennel and lazy.
متهم کن نفس خود را ای فتی متهم کم کن جزای عدل را
Suspect yourself, O youth; do not suspect the recompense of (Divine) justice.
توبه کن مردانه سر آور به ره که فمن یعمل بمثقال یره
Repent like a man, turn your head into the (right) Way, for whoso doeth a mote’s weight (of good or evil) shall see it.
در فسون نفس کم شو غره‌ای که آفتاب حق نپوشد ذره‌ای
Do not be duped by the wiles of the carnal soul, for the Divine Sun will not conceal a single mote.
هست این ذرات جسمی ای مفید پیش این خورشید جسمانی پدید
These material motes, O profitable man, are visible in the presence of this material sun.
هست ذرات خواطر و افتکار پیش خورشید حقایق آشکار
(So too) the motes consisting of ideas and thought are manifest in the presence of the Sun of Realities.




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