How the fox answered the ass

How the fox answered the ass and urged him to seek a livelihood. جواب دادن روبه خر را و تحریض کردن او خر را بر کسب

گفت روبه این حکایت را بهل دستها بر کسب زن جهد المقل
The fox said, “Leave these stories and apply all your poor efforts to earning a livelihood.
دست دادستت خدا کاری بکن مکسبی کن یاری یاری بکن
God has given you hands: do some work, earn something, help a friend.
هر کسی در مکسبی پا می‌نهد یاری یاران دیگر می‌کند
Every one takes steps to earn something and (thereby) helps other friends (to earn),
زانک جمله کسب ناید از یکی هم دروگر هم سقا هم حایکی
Because all the earning is not done by one (craftsman): (there is) a carpenter and also a water-carrier and a weaver.
این بهنبازیست عالم بر قرار هر کسی کاری گزیند ز افتقار
By means of this partnership (the order of) the world is maintained: every one, (being impelled) by want, chooses some work.
طبل‌خواری در میانه شرط نیست راه سنت کار و مکسب کردنیست
Tis not right to be a lick-platter (idle parasite) in the midst (of them): the way of the Sunna is to work and earn.”




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