10 Fun Ways to Learn and Remember New Persian Vocabulary

Gaining mastery in a foreign language can seem like an impossible task! But we have prepared 10 great tips to make Persian learning a little more manageable than you probably thought possible.

Memorizing new Persian words is a huge part of learning Persian and maybe you think it’s difficult.

Today, we want to share some fun tips with you so that learning new Persian vocabulary becomes easier and more enjoyable. We also want your input: please tell us in the comments section below your favorite ways to memorize Persian words.

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1. Read

This is an essential and important activity because reading is the best way to be exposed to a rich and wide vocabulary.

And remember: you can read whatever you like! You can read literature books if that is what you like, but if you don’t, you read a comic book or a magazine. You can buy a cookbook and read that, or read a children’s book to your children. There are hundreds of articles online, news websites and etc. So find something that you enjoy, and read it.

Reading is an easy, fun, and relaxing way to boost and improve your language skills. Furthermore, you will be learning about other things as well.

2. Use a Vocabulary Notebook

One of the best ways to remember Persian words is to use a dedicated notebook. Write down any new Persian words that you learn and if possible, an example sentence. It’s also helpful to write information about what kind of word it is (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) for future reference.

3. Understand the context

Great! So you have learned many new Persian words; but if you don’t know when and how to use them correctly, you have not truly learned.

Also, this is why reading is so important and necessary because it gives each word context, and that will help you understand the meaning and use of the word. For example, in the sentence !این سوپ وحشتناک است، طعم آن بسیار تلخ است «This soup is horrible, it tastes so bitter!» Maybe you don’t understand the word تلخ «bitter», but thanks to the context of the whole sentence, you will know it means “not good”.

Context helps us comprehend when a Persian word is used in formal language or informal language, if it is slang we can use with friends, relatives or if it is a word that is usually used in written Persian but not in conversation.

4. Aim for 8-10 New Words/Day

When trying to memorize new Persian words, aim high but not too high. Trying to memorize too many words at once is an easy way to get them mixed up and not learn anything!

Instead, please aim for around 8-10 new Persian words a day. This is an achievable goal for most learners but if you’re struggling with that, go for 5.

5. Related words

If you just learned the word مراقبت “care”, don’t stop there! Please use a dictionary or the internet to find derivatives of that word and expressions that use it.

For example, مراقب «careful», مراقبت کن «take care». See? You started with one word but quickly learned two more, and because their meaning is related, it is easier to understand and memorize what each one means.

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6. Make Some Flashcards

One of the best tools for memorizing words is to use flashcards. It’s easy to make your own flashcards with notecards. You can carry them with you wherever you want to go and pull them out for a few minutes of studying whenever you have time.

Remember to study both your first language to Persian and then vice-versa. Also, you should mix up the order of the cards so as not to memorize them in any certain order. Take out the very easy words for a period of time to focus on the ones you find more difficult as well

7. Make sentences

In fact, making sentences helps us put everything we have learned into action: so you have learned a new Persian word and you understand when to use it. But for the mind to remember this Persian word in the future, the best way to memorize is by using it.

Please make ten sentences that use different meanings of the word you want to learn or, if it is a verb, with different tenses. For example, if you want to remember the phrasal verb نظافت کردن «to tidy up», write: ماریا، باید اتاقت را نظافت کنی «Maria, you must tidy your room up», من باید قبل از آمدن دوستانم اتاقم را نظافت کنم «I have to tidy up my room before my friends come», پارسا بعد از اینکه آشپزخانه را نظافت کرد تلویزیون تماشا می کند «Parsa will watch TV after he finishes tidying up the kitchen».

Well, by making sentences you are helping your brain to learn words because it gets actively involved in the learning process.

8. Extensive Reading

Maybe you ask how to remember vocabulary, we suggest you do extensive reading. Basically, this is reading for fun at a slightly lower level. The key is to read lots of material, quickly and without having to pull out a Persian dictionary every few seconds.

A nice place to start is children’s fiction or articles that are designed especially for Persian learners.

9. Record yourself

Actually, by hearing your own voice say the words out loud and feeling your mouth move, you are making even more connections in your brain.

If you studied Persian in the past but have not practiced it for a long time, you might know some Persian words but find it hard to remember them. Yet, once you start speaking Persian, it becomes easier to access those words when you need them.

So, use a camera, your phone, or your webcam to record yourself practicing new Persian vocabulary and using them in the sentences you made.

10. Learn How to Use a Dictionary

Generally, dictionaries have a ton of useful stuff besides just the definition of the word. Please Learn how to use one to unlock all the handy learning tools.

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