How to Remember Persian Words: Memorizing New Vocabulary Tips

If you’re looking for some useful advice on how to remember Persian words, then you’re certainly in the right place. We have prepared the top 10 tips for memorizing new vocabulary words so keep on reading.

Let’s get into the tricks for learning new Persian words more easily. Find out how to memorize new Persian words so that you’ll never forget them!

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1. Make flashcards

Flashcards are a popular way of learning new Persian words. Also, you can use post-it notes and put them in places where you will see them constantly, or draw the definition of the word if you are a visual learner.

Every day, you need to take out your flashcards and read over them. Please read the word and try to remember what it means before checking the drawing or definition behind it.

2. Use a Phone App

There are several phone apps out there and they are one of the best ways to remember Persian words. Try out a few of them and see which one works for you or you can ask your friends for recommendations. In fact, the best ones incorporate scientific principles of language acquisition in terms of repetition.

3. Take notes

A great little trick is to always carry with you a notebook and pencil. Then, if you hear a word or sentence you like in a movie or a Persian song, you can write it down. When you get home you can search its meaning and add it to the list of words you have learned.

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4. Study a Little Bit, Every Day

When trying to remember Persian vocabulary, it’s best to study a little bit each day instead of hours in one single day. We recommend spending 10-15 minutes every single day if you are serious about learning new words.

5. Speaking

In the article (10 Fun Ways to Learn and Remember New Persian Vocabulary) we explained how recording yourself helps your brain remember words better. So, what better way to do this than to speak Persian with a friend? If you do not have any native Persian-speaking friends, don’t worry! Just invite another friend who wants to learn Persian out for a cup of tea and practice.

To get the most out of these conversations, we recommend that each day you choose a different topic. This way you will be using different words. Make sure to spend an hour or two making a list of Persian words you would like to use before meeting your friend.

6. Extensive Listening

Like extensive reading, extensive listening is a useful tool for remembering new Persian words. Please think about those vocabulary words that you’re trying to learn. Now imagine hearing them when you’re listening to a Persian podcast or a movie. And then hearing them again the next one. That would make them pretty memorable, agree?

So find something to listen to, a podcast, series, movie, music, etc. The key is that it’s not too difficult and maybe you can understand it. Then you have to listen every single day for at least 15 minutes.

7. Repeat

As English people say, «repetition is the key to success». It’s true. To learn anything, you need to repeat, repeat, repeat.

Every day, set aside a specific time to study vocabulary. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but it is important that you practice it regularly. This will create a great habit.

8. Challenge a Friend

Things are usually more fun and enjoyable with friends! Memorizing Persian vocabulary is no exception! Get together with a friend and decide on a set of Persian vocabulary you want to learn. Then, study and be sure to give each other some tests.

9. Learn Language in Chunks

In Persian, there are things like compound words, and phrases that are often seen together. Consider the following:

  • کتابت را باز کن: Open your book
  • وقت ناهار: Lunchbreak
  • شب بخیر: Goodnight
  • باران شدید: Heavy rain

It’s ideal and better to learn these words as a unit instead of individually. In fact, this helps make them more memorable and accessible when you need to use them.

10. Be patient

And finally: please be kind and patient with yourself.

Learning Persian is a big accomplishment, and you should be very proud of yourself each time you learn a new word.

There you have it! 10 useful tips to help you learn more Persian vocabulary. Now, don’t forget to share your memorizing tips with us too.

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