5 tips that can have a positive effect on your Persian learning

The ability to speak, read and write quickly and fluently is what determines the level of language proficiency. Theoretically speaking, fluency is an essential and important part of the whole process of language learning and is almost always a top priority for language learners. Sociologists stress and emphasize the significance of the first few seconds when building social relations – therefore, our fluency can make or break potential friendships or business deals.

Here are 5 very effective tips to help you develop and improve your fluency in Persian.

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1. Apps Make It Easier to Study Persian Daily

One of the best things about learning a language today is that you have several apps at your disposal that there is no excuse not to practice Persian every day. With a variety of language learning apps at your fingertips, you can even switch out which apps you use.
In fact, variety keeps the learning process enjoyable and gives you different metrics to gauge your progress. Please focus on diction, vocabulary, or lessons, whatever fits into your day.

2. Read

Expanding your Persian vocabulary improves your articulation and fluency in this language. When you understand how sentences are structured in the Persian language, speaking is not as challenging as it may seem. Additionally, learning new Persian words is fairly easy! You can start the process by simply learning Persian words of things or places that are part of your daily life and ease into the language.

Tip: Paired reading with a native experienced reader helps a lot!

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3. Embrace Mistakes and Learn

No one expects you to speak Persian perfectly when you first begin. Many native Persian speakers aren’t going to expect perfection, no matter how many years you have been learning this language. Yet this is the step that most learners skip because we are afraid of making mistakes.

Mistakes are actually a fantastic language learning device. These are opportunities for you to learn Persian in a way that you are far more likely to remember. By being a little more self-conscious, your brain will be engaged in retaining what you learn from that mistake.

4. Communicate with Yourself

Maybe it feels a little strange but communicating with yourself can help in evaluating if the tips and methods are working or not. Actually, self-directed learning helps you evaluate your own skills and make corrections prior to venturing into formal or professional communication.

Tip: Please read out loud to improve verbal fluency.

5. Listening Is Learning

Trying to talk in Persian can be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. Part of this is because you don’t completely understand what people are saying. Just the sound of the language is foreign and maybe strange to your ears. This is when listening to Persian music, podcasts, and audiobooks can really help.

Listening is just as important as being able to speak Persian. It is also a lot more comfortable to passively listen than to try to speak Persian in the beginning. Please build up your confidence as you listen so that you will be more likely to understand what is being said when you start to speak with a language partner.

Important Tips:

1. Be Committed

Maybe it sounds redundant, but it’s necessary for the process of learning just about anything we do. As you know, being a great football player or pianist did not happen just overnight. So does learning the Persian language! Give yourself time to think what are your priorities in your life then be committed to them. Don’t stop, always push yourself forward!

2. Learn to make mistakes

Please don’t be afraid to make mistakes because this is how supposed to be. Failures are part of our life. A person who never has failed just doesn’t exist. Success and failure – we can learn from both of them.

3. Practice every day

Learning a foreign language is like learning playing football, you just can’t become a football superstar without practicing and kicking the ball every day. So always remember that 1 hour of learning Persian in a week is not enough.

4. Stay simple

If you’re not feeling comfortable with complicated sentences please just DON’T do it. Stay simple. Simplify your speech. Remember, language is for communicating, so stay understandable.

5. Be with people

Join some community where Persian is used to communicate with other members. Internet is so great tool that you don’t have to even leave your house to stay in contact with Persian native speakers and Persian learners.

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