Essential tips to learn Persian without spending money

Actually, speaking a foreign language always grabs people’s attention.

We think you’d agree with us…..

For example, most of us were dazzled when we first saw Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation in Chinese. Every language learner was inspired and energized by his/her performance.

Whatever your motivation to learn the Persian language, one thing is for sure, you NEED these tips to guide you towards your goals and reach a level of fluency quicker than you imagined.

So let’s start…..

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1. Common words

It’s a well-known fact that we each use the same 100 words weekly. Start by making a list of those words in your language, translate them into Persian and use them for 2 weeks. Every time you notice a word on your list, then remind yourself of the translated version.

2. Language Exchange

In fact, this is by far the most popular method to reach a level of fluency. We all have resources that were not available to us several years ago. If you can’t find any language group or partner locally, Google is your best friend. By joining language exchange sites and apps, there is a world of possibilities for you out there.

Mastering Persian without having to leave your comfort zone, can it get any better than this?

3. Consistency

You already know this, so why mention it? Actually, the reason for this is being consistent doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t mean you need to stick your head in a Persian book or site for 2 hours a day. Now that is BORING!

In fact, consistency can be anything you want it to be. Like watching TV, listening to Persian music, playing a videogame but please remember, this requires your commitment and investment each and every week.

Technology makes all this possible, pick something you like doing every day but instead of doing it in your native language, test it out in Persian. Being consistent doesn’t have to be a tedious experience, you can make the journey enjoyable for yourself.

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4.  Talk to yourself – ‘Thinking out Loud’

For example, when alone busy tidying or sorting at home, most people have a running monologue in their minds.

They think about what needs to be done next, how they should do it, when, etc… So why not use this time to practice talking to yourself in Persian?

And if you feel comfortable and confident enough you can talk aloud, listen to yourself speaking. This is a great way to develop your Persian conversation skill.

5. Recognize your failures

This is difficult for every language learner, no matter how many languages you already know.

This might be one of the main reasons why a lot of individuals end up give and it’s all at the risk of looking a little silly.

When learning a foreign language there are going to be numerous occasions when you’ll make mistakes. Actually, a classic example is when you build up the confidence to say something in front of a group of people and no one understands what you are trying to say or you don’t like the sound of your own voice when talking.

You need to accept that this is part of your Persian learning journey and honestly, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. Acknowledging these only makes you courageous and builds confidence that even you maybe didn’t know that you had.

Have fun with it, like you would when you generally speak your mother tongue.

6. Apps

This has become one of the most effective language-learning techniques amongst language learners today. Apps are a great way for translating words quickly when needed.

There are plenty of free apps out there, not only are they charged up with different exercises but common sentences and phrases that you would use daily.

The fact that they are so interactive makes the learning process interesting and less of a lifeless experience. For any beginner, this would be a great way to compliment your current language learning technique.

7. Learning Environment

When people imagine themselves taking up a language as an adult, they automatically come back to those school days with a textbook, writing, reading, learning, and repeating for an hour a day.

In some respects, this will be the case but actually, that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away from the world and go back to school.

Take the learning out of the room! Go to coffee shops, to the park (on a sunny day), or even to your favorite spot.

Make your Persian learning experience fun and do the things you enjoy at the same time.

Good Luck Guys!

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