5 tips to improve your Persian learning process

Learning Persian is more than just taking a course.
We know that language learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom or a course! Actually, the summer is a great and suitable way to build on that by incorporating informal learning and exposure to authentic language.

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Here are some tips and strategies to improve your Persian learning process:

1. Do language exchange with a native Persian speaker

Persian learners really benefit from working with native Persian speakers. To do this, you can use online language exchange apps. These apps help you find Persian speakers who want to learn your language so you can enjoy informal conversation and learn from each other. You spend an hour with that person speaking your mother tongue in order to help them learn it. They, in turn, spend an hour with you teaching you Persian. It’s also a good way to meet new friends and build your conversation skills. In fact, having a regularly scheduled appointment helps to ensure that you’ll commit to each other and to learning.

2. Learn a song

Think about a song you really love in the Persian language. Look it up. Find the lyrics of the song on the Internet and print them out. Listen to that song and sing along with the words. Then, you can challenge yourself to try and remember the words without looking at the lyrics sheet. Play that song every day at least once. Listen to it while you’re driving, waiting for the bus, at the gym, making breakfast, or out for a run. Listen to it over and over again until you can sing it all the way through without looking at the lyrics sheet. After you learn well, choose a new Persian song and repeat the process. By the end of the summer, you’ll have a decent repertoire of songs in Persian.

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3. Overcome the learning plateau

Most language learners hit learning plateaus and become uncertain about what to do next. They end up feeling like they’re not progressing anymore and stop learning the language as quickly. This slump often happens to those who have reached an intermediate level of fluency in the target language. Actually, it’s unavoidable but the good news is, it’s possible to rise above it.

The trick to keeping enthusiasm high is to use creative techniques and methods. Watch movies and series without subtitles. Write a short story. Challenge yourself and keep learning expressions, Persian idioms, and colloquial terms. In fact, languages evolve so there will always be new vocabulary and expressions to learn and acquire. Aim to increase the depth and breadth of your Persian vocabulary to overcome the plateau and you’ll be surprised at how much more you have yet to learn.

Please focus on your problem areas and strive to improve your weak points. If you struggle with speaking, find opportunities to talk with a native Persian speaker online or in person by joining meetups with expats or becoming a local tour guide. If you’re shy, you can practice speaking by yourself by either singing in front of a mirror or also repeating after your favorite actors in the movie. Your mouth is a muscle, you just need to move it to practice your Persian speaking! Finally, if writing is your weak point, try keeping a journal every day.

4. Check out a new restaurant, store, or cultural event that specializes in Persian

Go to an Iranian restaurant that you have never been to and order authentic Iranian food. Try to speak to the staff in Persian. Ask questions about the menu. Alternately, find the shops around your city that import food and other goods from Iran. Find out where they are located and go there. you can explore the store and find one or two new products to try. Talk to the staff and tell them you are curious and want to learn Persian. Chances are, they’ll be happy to help. Finally, find out about cultural events such as concerts, festivals, or plays in Persian. Go. Have fun and experience authentic tastes, smells, and sounds, and make these part of your language experience.

5. Use a textbook or online resources

To help you practice your skills in a more structured way, get yourself a textbook or find an Internet site that has free online resources. Please be sure to look for a resource that includes answers so you can check your own work. Sit down with your workbook or at the computer, complete one unit in the textbook. Check your answers. If you made errors, challenge yourself to figure out what they were and how to correct those mistakes. It’s really good to review concepts you already know and it’s even better if you try to improve your current skills by delving into new areas such as more complex verb conjugations or sentence structures.

As you know that the more time you invest in learning, the more successful you’ll be over the long run. This summer, you can make your language learning experience your own. Have fun with it!

How do you improve your Persian learning process? Do you have other tips to share? Tell us in the comments!

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