5 Useful Tips to boost your Persian skills

Persian is a lovely language to learn, but what’s the best way to master it? There are definitely easy tricks you can do that can make your Persian studies more successful. With these tips and hacks, you can reach Persian fluency faster, and remember your lessons longer. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate Persian learner, this advice will come in handy. Here are 5 tips for learning Persian effectively, and reaching fluency fast.

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1. Learn Persian Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking

These four pillars of language learning are all crucial and important to master. Knowing them equally is how you can achieve proficiency in Persian. Make sure you practice them all, so you can be comfortable with Persian fast.

While practicing all of these is crucial, there’s one that’s especially important. In fact, language is primarily a spoken form of communication. The only way to reach Persian fluency is to practice speaking as much as you can. Don’t wait to start speaking Persian, do it from Day 1.

2. Choose the Best Persian Resources

Out of all the tips for learning Persian, this is the one that actually brings you the best way to learn. Please find the kind of learning style that suits you best. If you feel like you’re progressing and you’re having fun and enjoying it, you know you chose the right method to learn Persian.

Here are some popular resources for learning Persian efficiently:

  • Buy a Persian textbook: Persian grammar isn’t very complicated because it’s similar to English. But, if you still need a guide to Persian grammar, you can buy a textbook to help you master it.
  • Hire a private teacher: You can learn Persian very fast with a private teacher. The personalized help they provide can definitely benefit Persian learners. But also, you should pay for their time and expertise.
  • Download a Persian learning app: This is the cheapest and most fun way to learn Persian. Language learning apps can also be effective and useful. Give an app a try as one of the best ways to learn Persian.

3. Build Persian Vocabulary From What You Know

Studying vocabulary can be dry. But, luckily, Persian vocabulary shares several cognates with English. Cognates are words that look and sound similar in English and Persian, and they also have the same meaning.

To enhance your vocabulary easily, here are some common Persian cognates:

  • Door – در (dar)
  • Candy – قندی (ghandi)
  • Brother – برادر (baradar)
  • Mother – مادر (madar)
  • Sugar – شکر (shekar)
  • Bazaar – بازار (bazar)

4. Make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. kids learn a language quickly as they are not concerned if they make a mistake. Anyway, people will like it if you make an effort to learn their language and embrace their culture. Actually, mistakes will help you reach the next level!

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5. Vocabulary and flashcards

Your speaking will remain limited without vocabulary. Learning new Persian words will enrich your language skill. Find and note down new Persian words. If possible use a flashcard or an app that has a flashcard feature to remember new Persian words.

Additional tips:

1. Beginners Should Read Persian

We think Persian is not hard to read. Don’t underestimate learning to read Persian early on. If you’re comfortable with this skill, you can read Persian newspapers, blogs, and textbooks much faster.

2. Start Speaking Persian From Day 1

The best way to learn Persian never includes typing it. In fact, languages are first and foremost a verbal form of communication. So, you need to practice your speaking skills immediately if you want to become fluent in Persian.

Don’t worry about your accent or pronunciation. Please disregard your fear of embarrassment. Don’t even think about not knowing enough vocabulary, grammar rules, or Persian recipes. Just start speaking. Pronounce everything. Get familiar with the language. Soon, you’ll be comfortable with speaking Persian. And that’s the true key to speaking Persian fluently for beginners.

3. Watch Persian Movies

Watching Persian films can help you learn Persian better. You can listen to authentic Persian being spoken by real Persian people. You can get new Persian vocabulary from these films. And, if not anything else, you can fall in love with the culture and the people of Iran through movies.

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