Is it Possible to Teach Myself the Persian Language? Part 1

There are tons of great resources for learning Persian available on the internet, make use of them! Listen to Persian podcasts, watch series and movies, record yourself speaking and listening back, keep a journal and write every day in Persian, and use grammar and vocabulary apps to learn new parts of the language.

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Make It A Habit

Actually, our best results (when we do anything) come from good habits. When you learn a foreign language, you make progress in small steps. You can “speed up” language learning progress by studying or learning at regular times. Our tips for doing this:

1. Study when your brain is best

If you’re a “morning person”, try to fit in Persian during the morning. Get up 10-20 minutes earlier every day, for example. If you’re a “night owl” then your brain process information better during the late evening.

The important point is to schedule time for when your brain feels fresh.

2. Study for short periods of time

5-10 minutes of concentration is great, while 10-20 minutes is even better. You can even set yourself an alarm to ring after a short period of time. The important thing is to keep this time focused so you make the best use of every moment.

3. Give yourself a reward

Hopefully, you enjoy learning because you can see your progress, but please don’t forget to reward yourself with something you love after you achieve something.

When you give yourself a «dopamine» rush (= when you activate the «happiness» chemicals) you associate learning and achieving with happiness. It’s a little “mind” trick that is very effective and great for long-term goals, as it keeps you moving and motivated!

Your reward can be anything. A piece of chocolate, a cup of coffee, a walk in the sunshine. You know better what works best for you.

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Be Mindful And Active

When you schedule time for yourself to study Persian, make sure you’re making the most of this time. Are you a busy person and you want to see results quickly? Here are four great ways you can use your time in the best ways.

1. Be active when you study

You might love games and Persian songs, but only doing these sorts of activities won’t help you. Choose activities that “stretch” you and let you learn new different things.

Related to this is to listen actively not passively. Don’t watch or listen to Persian while you’re doing something else. Concentrate on Persian with ALL your senses and you’ll learn much more.

2. Be smart

If you do a grammar or vocabulary exercise and only get 7 / 10, please go back and look at the question again. Do you know why you made that mistake? If you do the exercise again, will you definitely get 10 / 10?

Mistakes are a really important part of learning Persian, as they help us test what we know. When we get something wrong, it’s a good idea to analyze why, so that we don’t make the same mistake again and again.

3. Apply what you learn

When you learn a new Persian word or phrase, try it as soon as you can. Maybe you make a mistake (which isn’t a bad thing) but if you don’t use it, you’ll probably forget it.

For new Persian vocabulary, it’s a good idea to write down an example sentence of your own with that new word, then try to use it as soon as possible. If you can’t do this, at least “review” the new Persian word and sentence the next day, the next week, the next month, and so on.

4. Set small goals

Some goals, like learning Persian, are quite big goals – and they often don’t have clear results. (When do you know that you’ve learned Persian?) So to stay motivated, break up this larger goal into smaller and also easier goals. For example:

  • Goal 1: Be able to order a meal in Persian
  • Goal 2: Write an email of inquiry in Persian without making mistakes
  • Goal 3: Talk with a friend or colleague about his/her weekend without a lot of hesitation

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