The right tips to improve your Persian

As you know, Persian is one of the oldest and sweetest languages in the world.
Iranian poets such as Saadi, Hafez, Ferdowsi, and Rumi are among the greatest poets in the world. Their books have been published in different countries of the world and you can buy and enjoy them.

In this article, we have prepared some tips that will help you in learning Persian.

Let’s start!

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1. Listening to Persian

Listening is a skill that needs to be worked on every day. Like speaking, it’s better for you to be in a totally Persian-speaking environment. Full immersion is the best way for you to improve your level. Again, nothing can beat learning in a Persian language course.

It’s also good to watch series or movies in Persian. The news can be difficult to learn from for beginners, but the more you listen the more you’ll pick up. As an exercise, it’s great to have something you can listen to over and over again. For example, recorded audio can be repeated whereas a news report can only be heard once. When listening to something (music, radio, and…) more than once; first, try to catch the general meaning, then, listen a second time for more in-depth information.

Learn to ’shadow’ using a podcast or music, listen and repeat what you hear said. You must focus on learning to get your listening right the first time.

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2. Use flashcards

Memory and recall are an important part of learning any foreign language. And while you’ll never completely learn how to speak Persian by simply using flashcards, it’s a great way to supplement your learning with other methods. In fact, some of the online courses and apps have built a digital flashcard concept into their program.

3. Persian Goals

Set yourself a goal and keep it in mind, it will motivate you to learn Persian. For example, think about why you started to learn Persian. Do you need to learn Persian, to pass a test, for university, to travel, or to watch movies? Whatever the reason, you’ll find that you work harder when you focus on a goal. Please choose a goal that you want to achieve and then create a time frame to achieve it. Plan what you want to be able to do with your Persian ability by this time, next year, or in six months. Make sure that your goal is realistic and that you keep working towards it. It’s worth making plans to take a Persian test, so you have something very real you need to learn Persian for.

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t give up!

4. Travel to Iran

This might be an obvious thing to do, but when you travel to Iran and actually immerse yourself within the home country of the Persian language, it definitely speeds up the learning process for you.

Maybe you feel not so comfortable that you are forced to learn the language faster in order to communicate among the native speakers.

Even something as simple as finding a breakfast cafe or a landmark that you are hoping to visit will quicken the pace at which you learn simple Persian phrases.

It makes for great practice to explore an unfamiliar place to learn new Farsi phrases of Persian culture and language. It’s like the ultimate and interesting adventure, and you are the star of the movie.

As you know, in any language, there are various conversational and slang words and phrases that vary slightly from traditional language learning. In fact, You’ll be put to the test and learn to interpret variations of traditional words and conjugations.

To challenge yourself, even more, travel to Iran alone. Actually, in this way, you will not be able to utilize anyone else’s interpretations to lean on as a crutch.

5. Improve your pronunciation

It is imperative that when you learn a foreign language you speak with proper pronunciation.

Pronouncing words correctly can make all the difference in certain languages (like Persian), as you very well can place an incorrect inflection on a syllable, or maybe you emphasize the wrong vowel, which can affect its meaning.

And you definitely wouldn’t want to pronounce something incorrectly that may offend someone…

One way to diligently work toward improving your pronunciation is with a native Persian teacher, and it may be beneficial to seek out someone that has a background in teaching the Persian language.

We have native Persian teachers who can help you learn Persian very well and improve your pronunciation.

You will have to work at pronunciation and inflection, which can be wonderful assets if you are learning the Persian language.

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