5 Ways to Beat Boredom When Learning Persian

If you have any experience with learning a foreign language, you know that language learning can get boring.

And that’s one of the main reasons why most people never learn a new language.

As you know, boredom equals pain, so people shy away from it. But you shouldn’t let boredom be an obstacle in your path to language fluency.

You can learn how to deal with it. How?

Try some of the stuff listed below.

First Things First: Is It Boring or Frustrating?

In fact, boredom is not the same as frustration.

Boredom occurs when the language learning material is too dry or too easy. While frustration usually nags us when something is too hard.

Your learning resource could be both…

Frustration is easy to deal with.

Just you need to dial down the difficulty level of your learning materials. Or just focus on getting your time in and not on your results.

That will teach frustration a lesson.

And boredom, that’s what the rest of the post is about.

Let’s check it out!

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1. Face the Pain

If you can manage this, you can have the world at your feet.

And that includes being fluent in a foreign language, or two, or three…

Sadly, most people can’t face their pain.

Language learning is a fascinating journey at times. However, most of the time, especially when you’re a beginner learner, it’s a dull place to be in.

Actually, if you want to get anywhere in life, you have to pass through these dull places. Your willingness to do so determines your success.

When we look at successful people in the world, we tend to see the glory and their amazing lives.
But we don’t see the thousands of hours of practice, effort, and soul-crushing boredom they had to get through to be where they are today.

In their lives, they’ve been paying the price, facing the pain, and turning dirt into gold.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t do this and just we want to avoid pain.

You waste precious energy trying to avoid pain and effort. The energy you can spend on language learning instead.

The only trick is to face the pain head-on.

Yeah we know, it will intensify for a moment, but then it will dramatically loosen its power on you. Sometimes, it will subside completely.

2. Read and Listen to Books

An easy way to pick up vocab is to either read Persian children’s books or books you’ve already read in English, in the Persian language. You can download the audiobook in Persian and read along with the text. Also, you can slow the playback down so that you can actually follow along.

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3. Embrace Boredom

Anyone can do something they hate as long as it’s for a short amount of time. It really doesn’t matter how boring it is. If it’s just for a few minutes, it’s doable.

This is what dashes are all about.

Set a timer for 8, or even 5 minutes and get going.

Please let the amount of resistance you feel determine the length of the dash.

When time’s up, either have a rest or just keep going if you feel like it.

If it’s a break, make sure it’s a REAL BREAK.

No electronic devices.

4. Pronunciation

Good pronunciation is probably the one of most important language skills you can develop. It’s the first thing people hear when you open your mouth and speak and it has a strong influence on your perceived mastery of a language. Generally, clear pronunciation helps you manage conversations smoothly, blend in more easily, and allows you to feel closer to a culture and its people.

5. Imagine Yourself Using the Language

Why do you learn a new foreign language? To use it!
Using the Persian language proficiently in the real world is a big reward for all your efforts.
Now, some learners want the reward before they deserve it.

They start to converse with native Persian speakers long before doing so is not a waste of time anymore.
It’s a bad long-term method.
You’ll be left with many ERRORS in your Persian speaking and listening skills.

Can’t you correct errors? Sure you can, but actually it’s hard because you made a habit out of making them.
In other words: you built your house on a terrible foundation.

During every Persian learning activity, imagine yourself using the language in real life. See yourself in situations in which you speak or listen to the Persian language.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t force it.
Please let it be a faint image or video running in the back of your mind.

That way, the reason why you’re learning Persian is always there. Sometimes vivid, and other times nothing more than a thought.

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