15 essential tips for mastering Persian

As you’re likely well aware, the Persian language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Today we have prepared a list of 15 super easy tips for mastering Persian.

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1. Talk without fear of making mistakes

First and foremost you should let go of your fear of making mistakes if you want to learn Persian. In fact, the process of learning, by definition, is acquiring knowledge through study, experience, or being taught and what this definition leaves out is that learning is, at the most basic level, an exercise of trial and error. So please speak freely and write without worrying about whether you’ve got it right the first time around, or whether it’ll take a further 30 attempts.

2. Get to grips with the basics

Focussing on the basic cornerstones of Persian will stand you on firm footing when attempting the more complex of elements. So get started on keywords and begin learning important grammar rules.

3. Be inquisitive

Question everything and always be inquisitive, so that you can discover new things in Persian.

4. Immerse yourself within Persian culture

Being amongst Persian culture truly provides meat to the bare bones that are the language without first-hand experience. So immerse yourself within theatre, literature, movies, and tourist attractions and surround yourself with those who speak Persian as their mother tongue.

5. Put it into practice

As the English idiom goes «practice makes perfect», so please continually recap all that you’ve learned and put it into practice within the real world.

6. Read, a lot!

Without a doubt, the human brain has an inexplicable power for processing information and making sense of what is placed before it, and reading is a truly effective and great way of helping your brain make those vital connections that achieve fluency in Persian.
Begin your efforts with newspapers, magazines, and illustrated books, where imagery can help information processing.

7. Watch TV

In fact, watching TV helps you learn to speak Persian and learn common phrases that you do not read in books.

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8. Add to your vocabulary every day

Aim to learn and master at least one new Persian word each and every day; You can use the Persian to English dictionary to understand the translation of words better.

9. Retrain your brain to think in Persian

This particular tip is one that is going to take some practice as you’ll be in a real habit of thinking in your own language. You can help yourself out a little by placing Post-It notes upon the key items within your home with the item described in Persian.

10. Put your ears through their pace

Listening to videos, podcasts, and music can all help your ears adapt and adopt the Persian language in all of its varied glory.

11. Talk to yourself out loud

Talking to yourself is key to perfecting your spoken Persian, so please go ahead and talk yourself through your daily routine and pick up upon the sounds that you struggle over.

12. Please repeat after me: Repeat, repeat, repeat

There’s no escaping it, actually, there are few as effective a way of learning a language than repeating written tasks and spoken words over and over and over again.

13. Learn Persian, but enjoy doing so

Learning Persian shouldn’t be a dull experience of monotonous exercises, nor should it be something that you simply dread. You can use fun things to learn so you don’t get bored of learning.

14. Set yourself goals

Goal setting is essential for keeping you on track with your learning, so you need to go ahead and set yourself a series of challenges.

15. Finally – take a break!

Taking a break and giving your brain a much-needed period of recuperation is essential for allowing all of those Persian words, sounds, and grammar rules to sink in.

We hope these 15 tips for mastering Persian will help you get closer to your aim for language excellence. Best of luck!

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