5 Ways To Improve Your Persian Speaking Skills – FAST

One of the most common questions Persian language learners ask is “How can I improve my speaking?” While you might know the written language well, you may find yourself struggling to speak it.

This is a very common problem!

Well here are 5 proven ways you can improve your Persian speaking skills. While these tips may seem basic, but we assure you they work and that you’ll see results fast.

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1. Speak Persian on a Daily Basis

While studying Persian in a classroom is important, it isn’t enough to improve your speaking skills. You have to actually speak Persian – regularly. Do you have a friend who speaks Persian you can practice with? No? Don’t worry there are several FREE platforms you can use to meet native Persian speakers and practice speaking with: Find a Native Persian Speaker to Practice With.

2. Fake It Until You Make It

This might sound surprising, but one of the best ways to become a natural Persian speaker is by imitating Persian speakers. You can do this by repeating, like a parrot, what Persian speakers say or by speaking your own language (Yes your own language) with a Persian accent. Actually, the purpose is not so much to understand what you’re saying but to teach your mouth and facial muscles new positions related to the language you’re learning.

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3. Listen to Persian thru Music, Movies, or TV

Listen a lot!!! TV shows are one of the best ways to get started. Listen to the pronunciations of Persian words and in what context they’re used. If you come across new Persian words, look up their meaning online. You don’t need to understand every word spoken. Just be on the lookout for commonly used words and Persian phrases. A good tip is to watch things on the internet or on DVD so you can pause, slow down, or playback the audio or video as you like.

4. Keep a “Fluency Notebook”

Whenever you come across new words or phrases, look up their meaning and write them down in your notebook. It can also include additional notes such as how to pronounce them and when they’re used in daily life. Periodically review your notebook — like every day or every two days. (Regular review is essential!)

5. Read A Lot

Maybe you don’t know this, but good readers make for good speakers. Reading in Persian teaches you to think in Persian. When you become a better Persian reader, you learn to think faster in Persian and speaking becomes easier and faster as a result. Try audio books – that way you get the benefit of reading and listening at the same time.

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