5 ways to speed up learning Persian

Learning Persian is more than sitting in a classroom listening to your teacher. If you do more than that, you will learn it faster. If you take responsibility for learning Persian, you will improve more quickly. Here we list 5 ways that you can improve this language by yourself.

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5 Top Tips

1. Practice all 4 skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Learners often forget about Writing and Reading because they are harder. Or some nationalities find Listening and Speaking more difficult, so they focus on Reading and Writing in Persian. The skills are all linked, so, for example, reading improves your writing, writing improves your reading, reading improves your Persian vocabulary, and having more vocabulary improves your listening and speaking. So try not to avoid any of them. The one that is the hardest, is the one you should be working on it, more than others.

2. Use a Vocabulary Notebook

Write down new Persian words in sentences, so that you can see the meaning. Try not to write lists with a translation next to each Persian word. Research tells us that if you record the Persian word in a sentence, you are much more likely to remember it. When you learn a new Persian word, try to learn all its forms. For example, when you learn the adjective ‘خوب’, immediately try to find out what the noun is – ‘خوبی’. Similarly, the adverb is ‘به خوبی’. That way, you learn 3 words, not just 1!

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3. Revise, Revise, Revise

By tomorrow, you will have forgotten 50% of what you learned today – isn’t that a scary thought? It is very important to refresh your memory of things you have learned in the past. And by ‘past’ we mean, yesterday, two days ago, a week ago, 2 months ago, and even a year ago. Your Persian vocabulary will rapidly improve if you do this.

4. Read Graded Readers

Read for fun! You can read Graded Readers. These are normal stories that have very difficult words taken out of them and they are specially designed for Persian learners. Remember, reading improves your writing, your vocabulary, and even your grammar.

5. Don’t rely on a dictionary 

It is so tempting to translate every Persian word that you don’t understand but if you do this, you won’t remember the word. So, tomorrow you still won’t know what that word is! Try to guess the meaning of that word from the words around it. If you must use a dictionary, use a Persian to Persian dictionary that explains the word, rather than just telling you the meaning in your language.

Please remember, Rome was not built in a day: this means that it takes time to learn Persian, so relax and enjoy your learning.

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