5 Ways to Increase your Persian Vocabulary

Expanding your Persian vocabulary is one of the crucial elements on your journey to becoming fluent in the Persian language.

While pronunciation and grammar are important, actually, it is vocabulary that provides the content of our communication, without it, we would get lost in the simplest conversations, and also we will not be able to make sense of a news article or follow a movie.

Experts seem to more or less agree that with somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 words, a language learner can become relatively fluent in a foreign language.
So what are some of the best ways of expanding your Persian vocabulary and reaching that number?

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1. Learn in Context

Some of you can probably remember trying to learn long, dry vocabulary lists as part of our Persian lessons – and not being terribly successful!

New vocabulary is more meaningful and more memorable if set in a context, so please create sentences or stories using the new Persian words you’ve learned and try to approach your vocabulary learning by themes or topics.

2. See a Word, Speak a Word

A major part of Persian learning is not only recognizing words but also speaking words for communication. So, when you are working on learning a new Persian word, speak it aloud. Furthermore, it is a helpful tool for memorization.

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3. Be Curious

Keep noticing new words in Persian. If you come across a Persian word you don’t understand then look it up online or in your dictionary and find out how you say words that you frequently use in your own language.

4. Learn Word Parts

Even if you do not know the meaning of a Persian word, understanding the part of speech and word stems will make a big difference. For example, if you can identify suffixes or prefixes, you will be able to make a good guess.

5. Memorize Clusters or Phrases

Many learners find it is helpful to learn whole phrases or clusters of words rather than individual words. While this will not work for building your entire new Persian vocabulary, but it will be helpful for providing a basis for communication. For example, learn phrases such as چطوری؟ “How are you?” or من نمی فهمم “I don’t understand.”

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