Creative & Fun Ways to Learn Persian If You’re Busy

Why choose the typical, traditional ways to learn Persian online, when you can have some fun with it?

We think, learning a new foreign language shouldn’t be confined to a «one-size-fits-all» curriculum taking place in a lecture hall. Here are some fun ways to learn Persian today. Depending on your lifestyle, personality, and preferences, you can choose from any of the limitless creative ways to learn Persian online. To save your time, we’ve listed some great creative ways to learn Persian online if you’re busy. Hope this helps you.

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1. Watch Youtube Persian videos

A fun and entertaining way to learn Persian on the side is to choose from the Persian-speaking vloggers on Youtube to watch. You can laugh your cheeks off while learning the Persian language at the same time. Can’t get better than that!

2. Play online video games and interact in Persian

Why not play some online games with native Persian friends? Whether it’s Minecraft, Warzone, Call of Duty mobile, or…, there’s an avid community of gamers in Iran and Persian gamers around the world that you can build friendships with.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

3. Take private 1-on-1 lessons

If you have a busy life and want to work with the top professional Persian teachers, then we encourage you to try our online classes. Whether you live in Australia, the United States, Singapore, in China, we have professional Persian teachers that can fit your busy schedule, and you can even take lessons on your smartphone to maximize your time! Try it here.

4. Listen to a Persian podcast on your commute to work

A complementary tool to use with your private Persian teacher is listening to podcasts on your commute to work, whether you’re stuck in traffic or on the train ride, or at the bus station. watching children’s cartoons is a great option to start with for beginners.

5. Learn 10 words every morning

When you’re first getting started in learning Persian or any language, learning the most common 1,000 words can be the best bang for your time. That’s because, in any language, only 20% or 30% of the vocabulary we know makes up our daily conversations. Please think about the last time you used aardvark or idiosyncratic in your regular conversations last week!

Actually, the goal is that by learning 10 of the most common words per day, you can learn 1,000 of the most common Persian words in 100 days, which helps you become familiar with the oral language.

6. Go on a Wikipedia binge in Persian

If you’re a fan of Wikipedia, you can set up an additional challenge for yourself by reading it in Persian. At the time of this writing, there are a lot of Wikipedia articles in Persian, which should be enough to last you for a lifetime!

7. Switch your social media language to Persian

Social media can be a really useful way to spend your time (as ironic as this may sound!) by switching your language to Persian. Sometimes just reading articles in Persian is not enough to help you understand small nuances in social conversations like slang words and expressions. This can certainly help with that.

8. Write in your daily journal in Persian

If you write in a daily journal to reflect on your thoughts for the day, try switching it and improving your writing skills in Persian!

9. Post on social media in your native language (e.g. English) and Persian at the same time

To take your writing skills to the social setting, you can also try posting your social media content on Twitter, Instagram, (or whichever social media you prefer) in your native language, AND in Persian. In fact, doing this will force you to write not just in the most grammatically correct way, but also in an informal and casual format that you would normally talk in Persian. Who knows, you could even inspire some of your friends to learn Persian with you!

10.  Read in Persian

Even if you don’t understand most of the Persian words, you can always use a dictionary. You’ll be exposed to many Persian words and learn how they are used in different contexts. It can be a real challenge but it can be also fun. Soon you’ll be able to pick up common Persian words.

If you are a beginner learner, try to read children’s books so you can start with basic Persian words and phrases before moving on to more difficult words and sentence structures. You may be able to find a book in Persian that comes with a separate section for its translation. Just please try not to cheat by looking at the translation all the time.

What’s your favorite way to learn Persian?

We hope this list helped inspire a fun and creative way to learn Persian without choosing traditional boring classes. Nowadays, there are several solutions to help you learn a foreign language no matter how busy you are or what your budget is.

We suggest choosing 1-3 solutions from this list and just trying them out for one week. Then please narrow down which ones are the most effective for you, and do it for another week. Then another week, and another. By the time you’ve done it for 1 month, it will start to become a routine that’s integrated into your daily life, and this is the real secret to learning a foreign language.

Good luck, and let us know below what your favorite tools/solutions are for learning Persian, and any other suggestions we should include next time!

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