Great ways to improve your Persian outside the classroom

If you think homework is the only way you can learn Persian outside of the classroom, think again! Your learning journey doesn’t have to end when you wave goodbye to your Persian teacher at the end of class. There are some simple steps you can take to improve your Persian and have fun. Yes, fun!

Try including these 5 learning strategies into your daily routine, and see how much your Persian language improves.

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5 Ways

1. Watch TED Talks

Using TED Talks will help you develop your listening and concentration skills, as well as help you develop your Persian vocabulary range. As there are so many TED Talk topics to choose from, why not focus on an area that you like, or choose a subject that relates directly to your pathway course? Technology, Media Studies, Business, Success, and Finance – Ted Talks really do cover them all!

2. Read about your favorite topics

Reading is one of the best ways to help you improve your Persian language, and again, choosing the topics to suit your interests is a great way to engage with what you’re reading. Why not download a news app on your phone or laptop, and tailor your reading to your favorite topics, like sport, travel, movie, food, or fashion!

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3. Use a vocabulary notebook

Learning new vocabulary through TED Talks and the news is great, but what do you do with those new Persian words once you’ve read and heard them? Having a vocabulary notebook might sound basic, but students who note down new Persian words daily are much more likely to remember and, more importantly, use them!

4. Enjoy songs and films

What better way to learn outside the classroom than singing along to a great Persian song or watching an action-packed film! And yes, it really does work! If you actively listen to music, check lyrics, and even sing, you’ll boost your Persian language range and improve your pronunciation. Of course, watching a film in Persian is also great listening practice, and using subtitles some of the time might help you pay attention to language structures too.

5. Keep talking

Try to find an opportunity to speak Persian whenever you can. You might think it obvious, but talking in Persian, especially with native speakers, will help build your confidence and flex those pronunciation muscles! Find other people who want to practice their Persian too and create a conversation club. You might even make a few new friends!

Top tip

Don’t be scared of making mistakes – that’s how you learn Persian. Just try to correct your mistakes and keep talking. If you forget a Persian word you want to say, try explaining it in a different way.

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