Easy ways to practice the Persian language every day

Learning a foreign language requires regular practice and revision. Actually, learning little and often is more effective than studying for hours at a time once every few weeks. But the question is: how do you find time to practice the language you’re learning every day? Fear not! Here are 5 ways you can work on the Persian language that you can fit easily into your day.

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1. Change your settings

Set your language on your phone, laptop, and social media accounts to Persian. This will help you to learn vocabulary and to immerse yourself in Persian. Why not try writing your shopping list or notes to yourself in Persian too?

2. Label things in your house or office with post-its

In fact, The easiest vocabulary to learn is the vocabulary of things you see and use every day. We suggest that you write the names of things around you on slips of paper and stick them on the real thing, this is a good way of learning useful vocabulary. If you can leave them there over the following days and weeks, this is a very easy way of memorizing and revising the vocabulary until it is properly learned.

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3. Listen up

Listening to the music or podcasts in Persian is a great way to fit in extra practice as you can do this while you’re eating your dinner, doing the ironing, or on your way to work. You can either use podcasts designed for language learners, for example, ones that teach new vocabulary or new grammar, or are slower than standard podcasts so they are easier to understand. More advanced learners can choose from a wide range of Persian podcasts, and there really is something to suit every interest. Actually, the advantage of podcasts is that you can listen again if you’re having trouble understanding.

4. Label a drawing

For learners who can’t put labels on real things, the next best option is to take a photo of a real place in your life like your office or your room, print it out, and then draw lines to all of the things you can see in the picture and label them in Persian with the help of a dictionary. You can do the same thing with places you pass through every day like the station or a street. Because you will see the same thing again and again, actually, it should be easy to learn the words for those things.

5. Get speaking

The best way to practice a foreign language is to actively use it. If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who also speaks Persian, why not try talking to this person in Persian. You could agree to only speak Persian on certain days so that you get regular practice. It may feel odd at first, but this is a great way to keep up your Persian speaking skills without taking up extra time in your day.

Useful Tips:

1. Develop your motivations

You can, of course, have more than one reason or key motivator for learning Persian, and also adding more can help you learn even more efficiently.

For example, you may be learning Persian for work. But please think of all the other opportunities it gives you: better and more authentic travel experiences, access to different information, and opportunities to make new Iranian friends around the world. The more reasons you have for learning the Persian language the better!

2. Please mix up your Persian learning resources and materials

Learning Persian from one resource or even one type of resource can not only get boring but also can be bad for your learning. Many resources focus on just one aspect of Persian and don’t help you practice anything else. For example, some Persian learning apps only focus on vocabulary, not grammar. Some include speaking practice, others don’t.

In fact, the lesson here is to use materials that expose you to all aspects of the language, including: vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This will ensure that you’re getting the most out of each study session.

3. Try something new 

Even when using a large variety of materials and resources, you can get stuck in a rut by using the same things repeatedly. We think the best way to get unstuck is to try something completely new. The question is: when was the last time you mixed things up and used a completely different resource than what you’re used to?

Learning by yourself? Try individual or group lessons with native Persian teachers. Never listened to a Persian podcast? Give one a try!

Different resources present the Persian language in different ways. So, while you break the monotony of using the same old materials and resources, you can also discover some hidden linguistic gems along the way.

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