How to Stay Motivated to Learn the Persian Language

Many factors are at play when you are learning a new language, and motivation is one of the most important. «Where there is a will there’s a way» is not just a saying, actually, it is a fact! When you’re deeply motivated to learn a new language, not only you will have more fun learning, but you also learn the language faster and more effectively.

However, it’s not important how motivated you are, it is almost impossible to maintain the same level of motivation 24/7. In fact, maybe you get tired and swamped with work and chores, or maybe you’re not in the mood and just procrastinate. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with taking a break: procrastinating is something we humans have mastered. We think, regular procrastination and struggles with motivation can easily slow down your progress with language learning quite a bit.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why procrastination happens and then suggest some of the best ways you can avoid procrastinating and/or fight it.

Why do we procrastinate?

Actually, procrastination is natural, and a bit of it here and there won’t hurt you. However, if you procrastinate on a regular basis instead of actively learning and practicing the Persian language, it is time to take action! But first, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that cause your procrastination:

  • Too many distractions or the wrong environment
  • Unclear goals
  • No sense of achievement or success
  • Previous failures
  • exhaustion, stress
  • Lack of support
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of failure
  • Thinking that lessons are difficult
  • Other priorities
  • Not having enough motivation

Sometimes, if a few of these things come together will have a huge compound effect. But don’t worry, we’ve listed 5 great tips for you that will help you deal with procrastination so you can stay motivated when learning Persian.

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Here are 5 ways to overcome procrastination in Persian learning

1. Get inspired by someone

You need to give your motivation a boost and get inspired! The internet is full of blogs, articles, and communities created by passionate language learners and polyglots where they share their experiences, strategies, tips, and life hacks. Please let these inspiring language learners motivate you and show you what can be achieved with a little patience, passion, and perseverance.

2. Eat well and get some rest

Did you ever know that lacking motivation can be the result of a lack of sleep or proper nutrition? In fact, our brain needs food and rest to process new information, and our body needs energy too!

If you are feeling particularly tired, take a break from learning Persian. You have to look after yourself by eating well, exercising daily, and getting proper rest. After all, it’s when you sleep that your brain commits to your memory what you learn.

3. Get outside and get moving 

Being cooped up at your home or hunching over your laptop for hours on end is not good for your body and also it is not good for your learning.

Researches and studies show that exercise is good for your memory. Actually, going for a walk or doing a home workout can help you release your excess energy, give you an endorphin rush and improve your concentration. Also, it is a great way to switch things up and take your mind off things and come back to your language learning with a fresh perspective.

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4. Integrate Persian into your life 

No matter how great your Persian teacher is or your resources are, at times, learning can feel like a chore. You still need to practice Persian regularly (ideally, every day). A good solution to this problem is to look for ways to seamlessly integrate Persian learning into your daily life. We think, in this way, even if you have to skip a Persian session, you’ll still be practicing Persian during other parts of your day. If you do it correctly, it won’t feel like learning either, which can be a nice change too!

Please think of the things you do during the day and the content you consume – can you do any of it in the Persian language? For example, you can switch the language of your smartphone or social media to Farsi, find artists who sing in Persian, find recipes and make them, and watch movies and series in the Persian language.

5. Set yourself a deadline

If you are struggling to stay motivated for learning but perform best when given a deadline, then why not set yourself a deadline to do your best? If you think of the old adage that «work expands to fill the time allotted», also known as Parkinson’s Law, please give yourself a timeframe or deadline to reach a specific and also realistic goal. Then once you achieve it, you can set yourself a new goal.

for example, studying for a language level exam can be one such deadline. Apart from the concrete timeframe, these exams usually have guidelines for the levels of proficiency you are expected to have. Also, you can use them as landmarks for your learning path.

If you’re not keen on exams, you can find a Persian learning event in your area (or online) and prepare to attend it. But please remember to keep your goals realistic and leave yourself sufficient time to get ready, depending on the event and your Persian level.

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