How to practice and improve your Persian skills

Investing your time in learning a foreign language is never a wasted effort. Actually, being able to converse at a business level in a new foreign language opens up a whole world of opportunities for you. Here’s how to practice and improve your Persian skills:

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Improve your grammar:

1. Read children’s books

Children’s books are designed to teach you the basics of the language, including Persian vocabulary and grammar. They are a good way to learn how regular and irregular words function.

2. Expand what you read with different materials

Another way to improve your Persian grammar skills is to pay attention to how writers use the language. Plus, focusing on different styles of writing, such as academic, classical, biographies, storytelling, news articles, and informal blogs will give you a different perspective on word order and tone of voice.

3. Spend time on homophones

It’s really important when you’ve mastered the basics of the Persian language to delve deeper and learn the difference between some confusing words. In Persian, some of these include «حیات vs حیاط» or «صد vs سد». Swapping these words around is incorrect but the reader will still get the gist of what you’re saying, especially as some native Persian speakers make these exact mistakes. Other confusing words hold different meanings and also can change the message of your sentence.

Develop your vocabulary:

1. Make Persian vocabulary part of your everyday world

Did you know that words begin to fade after you memorized and they can disappear completely if they aren’t part of your long-term memory? To ensure you retain all the Persian vocabulary you’ve learned, label things you see every day and say them out aloud. In fact, connecting words to objects in real life will help you memorize those words.

2. Learn in context

The best way to improve your Persian vocabulary is to learn individual words by putting them into sentences. Seeing Persian words in context will give you more understanding of the word and its meaning.

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Boost your reading comprehension: 

1. Read on the go but also set aside a specific time

If you’re lucky enough to study abroad surrounded by the language, then please take the opportunity to read everything from the text on bus stops to the back of cereal boxes. If you aren’t exposed to the language 24/7 it’s important to set aside a specific time to read. Find a cozy, quiet spot where you can focus and get stuck into your reading.

2. Read at your own pace

Read, re-read and re-read again. Sometimes you’re so busy reading the Persian words and trying to understand them that you forget to concentrate on the story. Don’t stress trying to understand each Persian word but rather focus on getting the gist per sentence, and don’t be afraid to re-read sentences, paragraphs, and pages.

Improve your writing skills:

1. Write something every day

Take control and write your everyday tasks, reminders, and shopping list in Persian. Working on it bit by bit each day means sentence structure will become second nature and actually help you build your confidence with writing.

Enhance your listening skills:

1. Watch movies in Persian

Watching movies in Persian is a great way to improve your listening skills. You can start with subtitles in order to understand what they’re saying, and by hearing the same Persian words over and over again you will eventually become familiar with what the different words mean.

2. Practice with natives Persian and non-natives from different countries

Speaking to native Persian speakers allows you to pick up nuances of the language and the correct pronunciation of words. Hearing the native speaker’s accent and the speed at which they talk may prove difficult at first, but it will help your listening skills profoundly. On the other hand, talking to non-natives, preferably from a different country to you, who are learning Persian will pronounce words a bit differently, see it as an opportunity to improve your listening and speaking skills.

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