How you can learn Persian from reading

We all know that reading books is a great way to learn Persian. What about if you don’t like books, though? Reading a whole book can be tough and time-consuming, especially if you aren’t interested in reading books in your mother tongue. So the question is, what can we learn from reading something other than a book?

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1. Improve your Persian vocabulary with a newspaper

In fact, newspapers use a wide range of vocabulary to describe the world around us. If you feel like you already know all the vocabulary in your textbook or online study course, pick up a newspaper and you’ll soon come across some new Persian words to add to your vocabulary notebook.

2. Build your Persian skills for work with a trade magazine

If you are a teacher, get yourself a teaching journal or if you are an architect or designer, subscribe to an interesting Persian design magazine. Reading about your area of work in Persian will help you learn all specialist Persian expressions you need to do your job in Persian.

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3. Practise scanning with product specifications

(Scanning for specific information) in a text is an important skill to master in Persian. Practice it by reading product specifications in Persian. Please set yourself a task to find out a specific piece of information about a product and see how quickly you can look it up.

4. Learn to read for gist with reviews

Actually, reviews are great for finding out which products to buy or which films to see. You can try it yourself, see if you can understand the gist (general idea) of a review by reading the review and guessing what score the reviewer will give the product out of ten. You can check if your guess matches the reviewer’s rating at the bottom of the review.

5. Read everything

There are tons of amazing Persian writers out there, so delve in. But don’t forget to read Persian magazines and cookbooks as well. This will help train your mind to read the Persian words and really understand them.

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