How can I learn Persian grammar?

Grammar is an important part of fluency and learning. If you want to understand the meaning of what is being and want other people to understand you, you need to improve your Persian grammar.

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1. Listen to native speakers

When you’re trying to learn Persian grammar, listening to people who use it natively is useful. You could try to watch the news in Persian, listen to friends talking, or study real conversations. If you’re watching Persian speakers in movies, try using subtitles to help you understand what people are saying.

2. Remember your mistakes

Definitely, you will make mistakes, there’s no denying it. Chances are that you’ll make the same mistakes again and again. Next time that you’re corrected by your Persian teacher, whether this is written or orally, you should make a note of your mistakes.

Maybe you get the past simple and present perfect tenses mixed up? Please make a note of this and work on your mistakes.

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3. Make your own examples

When you’re learning a new grammar rule, textbooks and courses will often provide some examples of how to use it. These examples are helpful, but if you want to master the grammar rule, you should make sentences that are relevant to you.

Creating your own examples means you get to practice using the new grammar rule. Also, it means that you’re more likely to remember the new phrases.

4. Put yourself into difficult situations

If you search out situations where you must read, speak and listen that are outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be forced into using the Persian language. This can be one of the best ways to learn Persian because you really focus on what you’re saying and it gets you used to uncomfortable situations.

Try and order some food at a Persian restaurant, speak to some Persian tourist, or just start chatting to a native speaker. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Actually, getting something wrong is a great way of understanding why it works a certain way. Be brave and sign up for a Persian class.

5. Talk to people

One of the best ways to learn Persian fast is to speak with other people. When you speak with others, you have to practise the grammar that you know. Whether you speak with other learners or native Persian speakers, you can ask them to correct your grammar. Definitly, you will find that most people are willing to help you as you learn.

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