Improve your Persian With These 8 Tips

Today we want to help you improve your Persian.
You can use these 8 useful tips that we have prepared for you.

Let’s start!

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1. Make notes of new vocabulary

Whenever you learn a new word, whether in class or when you’re out and about, make sure you make a note of it. Whenever you have some free time (before bed, after dinner, and…), you can practice what you’ve learned. Even, you can do this on your mobile so you needn’t carry around a notebook with you.

It’s also worth making a note of the translation into your native language and any unusual phonological aspects of the word.

2. Make mistakes 

You won’t be perfect at Persian straightaway. All learners (and many native speakers!) make mistakes in Persian. These errors can help you learn and improve your Persian skills. Actually, it’s better to be fluent (talking smoothly in a way that can be understood) and make mistakes than be accurate without fluency.

You can ask the people you are talking with to identify mistakes in your Persian. These corrections will make you better at using Persian in a natural way.

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3. Surround yourself with Persian speakers

If you just spend your time outside of the class with people from your own country, you’ll miss out on a big chance to practice Persian. If you try to befriend other Persian speakers, you’ll be forced into speaking the Persian language. You’ll also pick up things like slang and conversational Persian that you’re unlikely to learn in the class.

If you struggle to find Persian speakers, at least try and spend time with people of your course that are from countries other than your own. This way, you will still have to speak Persian. Or try 1:1 online lessons with one of our teachers.

4. Connect with the culture 

Understanding Persian is easier if you can understand the culture of those who natively speak it. for example, you could learn about the culture and history of Iran.

There are 3 native Persian-speaking countries. So, you have lots of cultures to explore!

5. Figure out your best time to learn

The question is: are you a morning or afternoon person? Generally, if you can work out when your brain is at its sharpest then you have to cram in your language learning at this time. Some learners work best first thing in the morning and switch off after lunchtime, while for others it takes a while to get going every day.

Please think about when you function best and plan your learning to suit this. For instance, there’s no point taking lessons that run late into the night when you’re likely to easily lose concentration.

6. Record yourself and your lesson

Make the most of the recorder on your smartphone and practice Persian pronunciation. Actually, this is a good way of learning pronunciation because you might know it when you first hear it then forget it later.

Although your Persian teacher might not like you to do this, and you should always get their permission, it can be useful to record lessons. You can listen to it when you go home or fall asleep. It’s a good way to revise the information and practice your listening, as well as nail down some pronunciation.

7. Learn phrases 

Learning Persian words and vocabulary is important. However, to learn Persian conversation, it’s useful to know lots of common phrases. In our online Persian courses provide example phrases, and these can help you sound more natural and fluent when you speak.

8. Practise a lot

There is a well-known saying that ‘practice makes perfect.’ You should take every opportunity to use your Persian speaking skills. Try practicing in different situations, such as on the phone and in person.

You can join conversation groups, language exchanges, and even use apps to connect with native speakers. You can even practice speaking Persian when you are alone!

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