Top tips to improve and practice your Persian speaking

To speak Persian well, you need to maintain a good and active vocabulary. Most language learners struggle to achieve this due to a lack of practice (which also means a lack of repetition). In fact, we can say that the human brain is like a computer and that active vocabulary is saved in a “temporary files folder”. If information is not used within a given period of time, it is simply deleted or forgotten from the brain. Therefore, if you want to speak Persian fluently, you need to ensure that

1) you are learning vocabulary and Persian grammar that you are actually going to use in practice
2) you have regular engagement with the Persian language.

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1. Find an online Persian language exchange partner

If you want to practice your Persian, you can offer your language skills in exchange. One of the best ways is the Internet, the internet makes it easy for language learners to get in touch and communicate. You can find someone to write to or chat to online, who is a native Persian speaker and will be able to advise you on informal as well as formal aspects of the Persian language and culture.

2. Try some apps for learning Persian

Check out our list of the top-10 mobile apps for learning Persian. You can practice Persian anywhere and anytime using these apps. Like before bed, on the bus, before lunch, and …

Please download several apps and see which works best for you.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

3. Talk to a tutor over skype

If you are not learning with others it can be tricky to find someone to practice speaking Persian with. Lots of Persian teachers are working online, and typically a skype lesson will be cheaper than a one-to-one lesson. You may be able to negotiate a lower rate for a lesson if you say that you want to focus more on speaking Persian and conversational practice, as this is likely to require less preparation time for the teacher.

4. Keep working TOWARDS native fluency

Unless you have spent the formative part of your childhood living in a majority Persian-speaking country, it is unlikely that you will ever become a 100% native Persian speaker. Please set realistic study goals for yourself and work towards these over time. Every learner is capable of achieving fluent Persian and some even reach near-native proficiency.

5. Immerse yourself in Persian

Actually, one lesson a week of an hour or two, or an evening on a language website will not be enough time to really learn Persian. The key to your success is the amount of practice you do outside of your Persian class. Try to take every opportunity to expose yourself to Persian and immerse yourself in the language as much as possible.

6. Keep it simple

Although certain aspects of the Persian language can seem tricky at first, grasp some simple rules and you’ll be able to communicate in a variety of situations.

Speak Persian slowly and also as clearly as you can.

Use simple Persian phrases with the words you already know.

Try to ignore mistakes as also native Persian speakers also make them.

Please remember that you always learn more from your mistakes than from what you get right.

7. Practice listening

You have to improve your listening skill so you can follow what people are saying. This is a very important and useful top tip to boost your spoken Persian.

As the conversation is a mixture of listening and speaking, sometimes focusing a lot on speaking, especially as a beginner learner, gets you talking quickly but can leave you woefully unable to understand clearly what the other person says in a conversation.

8. Read aloud

Take a Farsi text with an audio file and read along out loud.

If it is possible, please record your voice then compare it to the original.

If you want to choose an audiobook, It’s best to choose a book with a lot of dialogues.

Practice telling a story.

Tell something about your life, about a book you read or about a movie you watched.

Make notes and practice saying them to yourself, to a friend or family, a language exchange partner, or better, to a native Persian tutor online.

Important Tip:

REMEMBER: The main purpose is to communicate, not just to do some academic exercises and you need to have a conversation in Persian.

Practice speaking Persian as much as you can. Join a Persian conversation group on social media, find a good online tutor that lets you speak as much as possible.

When you’re at home you can practice your Persian with your favorite person: yourself! or you can also take a few minutes to stand in front of the mirror and speak. Please choose a topic, and just start talking.

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