How to immerse yourself in Persian?

Fallen in love with Persian, but still struggling to make yourself understood?
Here are the top tips to learn Persian, so you can master this beautiful language.

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1. Learn something through Persian

This is a good way to practice foreign languages. You can listen to Persian songs and also improve your language skills. It is great fun. If you don’t like the music you can try and find a traditional recipe and follow the instructions in Persian and cook the meal yourself. You can also try doing a workout in Persian or learning how to knit.

2. Name things around your house

This is a way that you can improve your Persian vocabulary. Get a packet of sticky notes and write the names of all the objects in your home and stick a sticky note on them with their names in Persian.

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3. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

In fact, not one linguistic genius has fallen from the sky. When learning a foreign language it hardly helps to focus on theories only. Speaking is pivotal to learning Persian and mistakes are normal. Remember when you were a kid and had to learn how to speak your native language. We are sure you mixed up some letters and invented some new and funny names for specific terms. People from Iran are pleased about the fact that you are interested in their language and will therefore gladly forgive mistakes with spelling or pronunciation. What counts is that you are willing to learn from your mistakes and also keep going.

4. Watch videos about technology in Persian

Watching videos in Persian is a great way to learn Persian. You can start watching videos about technology on Youtube. it is also a good opportunity to improve your listening.

5. Take a language trip to Iran and learn from locals

The best and most effective way to learn Persian is to visit Iran. Actually, you are in contact with the language and you need to deal with its cultural context all day long. Iran is not only worth a visit because of its unique culture and rich history, but also because of its kind and hospitable people. The best thing about a language trip is the constant exchange with native speakers and thereby getting to know many different cultures. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to get to know yourself, find out about your strengths and weaknesses, and get along in a different environment. Usually, such an experience can open up new paths, which you might want to take.

Additional Tips:

1. Use Persian idioms

We think, using idioms is a hallmark of Persian fluency and a sign that you understand and appreciate the more «poetic» side of the language. Persian is rich in idioms and native Persian speakers love to pepper their speech with these colorful expressions.

So what is an idiom? Actually, an idiom is a phrase that «paints a picture» instead of relying on the literal meaning of the words it’s made up of.

Start off by mastering the top 20 idioms in Persian, then move on to a more extensive list or focus on Persian idioms specific to nature, the human body, or food.

2. Learn in chunks

Speaking our mother tongue is easier because we rely on phrases instead of looking for new ways of putting together words each time we want to explain or say something.

Neuroscientists have been able to show and prove that developing short patterns help our brain retrieve and use new words «in the heat of the moment».

You should do this by putting new words you’ve learned into phrases that you memorize right away. In fact, it’s not only more effective as a memorization strategy but will help you sound more fluent over time.

3. Immerse yourself

True Persian fluency can really only be achieved by putting the Persian language to use each and every day in a range of settings, from a coffee date with a friend to a language test.

Full immersion — working or studying in a Persian-speaking country — is a known pathway to fluency because it ensures you hear and use Persian from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep (you may even start dreaming in Persian!).

For the full effect — in terms of linguistic and cultural fluency — consider staying in a Persian-speaking country for at least a few months, ideally six months or more. This gives you enough time to practice and will put you on a sure path to speaking Persian fluently.

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