Is Persian a Difficult Language to Learn?

The short answer is no. Persian isn’t hard to learn. Farsi is an easy language to learn. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it does not require effort and time.
Don’t worry about learning Persian. You may have different goals for learning Persian.
In this article, we have prepared 5 tips for you to learn Persian better.

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1. Read Persian Children’s Books

Before you think this is silly, let us explain. Children are constantly learning their mother tongue. While it takes a year to start speaking, it’s actually years until children can speak their native language in full sentences. So, the books written for them are perfect for Persian beginners. Actually, simple language and grammar will be easy to learn, and the pictures can also help you guess the meaning from context.

2. Learn Persian phrases that are in practical and daily use first

You absolutely don’t need to jump straight to grammar to speak a foreign language. Of course, some grammar is necessary but the more you speak in Persian without translating sentences in your mind, the quicker the process will be. Once you are confident about basic Persian phrases and daily use sentences, then move to learn grammar.

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

3. Watch Persian movies and series

If you love watching movies and series, so you will absolutely enjoy watching Persian movies and series. Watch them and hear authentic Persian speech, learn about Persian culture, and entertain yourself.

When it comes to subtitles, it’s best to watch Persian movies and series with Persian subtitles. Then, you can also practice your Persian reading skills. But, if you need, watch the movie first with English subtitles for the story. Then watch it again fully in Persian. Soon, you won’t even need to use subtitles at all.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Can’t stress enough this point. Please practice even if you are making mistakes. If possible find a native speaker or Persian tutor and try to speak Persian with that person.

5. Listen to Persian Radio or a Podcasts

Persian podcasts and radio shows offer the best listening practice. Furthermore, they talk about a variety of topics, from news to culture and politics. Tune in to a Persian radio channel and podcast to learn Persian from native speakers.

Additional tips:

1. Make a learning plan

Knowing how you learn Persian will assist you in being a more successful learner.

As part of your study plan, make short- and long-term goals. Make short-term goals for the first 1-2 weeks of your studies, such as mastering simple conversational words.

Make long-term goals for yourself, such as having a full conversation in Persian with a native speaker after six months of research.

To truly master Persian, you must practice it regularly. Weekly lessons would be useful and great, but they will not suffice. In fact, our brains can only absorb so much information at a time, so repetition is vital for long-term retention.

You can increase the amount of time once you’ve developed a routine of regular learning. But for now, the most crucial and important aspect is daily interaction.

Adding a Persian analysis to your bedtime routine is another way to get regular practice.

2. Make a Persian friend

You’ll need to find a regular conversation partner if you want to immerse yourself in Persian without leaving your home.

Place an online ad for a native Persian speaker with whom you can practice your Persian. Ask your friends if they know any Persian people who would be able to converse with you in Persian.

When you’ve found a Persian friend to practice with, arrange weekly meetings with them where you only speak Persian.

3. Travel to Iran

Backpacking through Iran is a lot of fun and a great way to see the Persian culture. Please accept that simply living in the local area teaches you something new every minute of the day.

Actually, it’s more of a journey than a destination. You will see Persian in all of its glory, including its language, food, culture, and everything else.

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