7 Tips for Learning Persian Without Effort

Learning Persian can be a long and tedious process. Somethings like: spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, sometimes even a new alphabet. And then there’s grammar, which is boring enough in your native language, let alone trying to learn it in a foreign one.

What if I told you there were ways for you to learn Persian without going through all of that? Don’t believe me? Try some of these tips and see how fast you find yourself speaking Persian:

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1 – Listen to Music in Persian

Everybody likes music. Actually, music speaks to every person from every culture. Also, music is a great way for you to get to know more about another country’s culture. Listen to some YouTube videos with the lyrics accompanying the music. Please start by writing down the lyrics in the original language. Then learn the translation. You can sing along to the music to help with memorization. In a short time, you’ll have the song memorized and have a whole song’s worth of vocabulary under your belt. Simple!

2 – Use Study Apps

There are several handy apps for studying Persian on the internet today that you can download and use it. You can develop your Persian vocabulary, improve grammar, and in some cases even communication skills. You can consider these apps for studying Persian.

3 – Join an Online Language Exchange app

Take advantage that we’re in the digital age and join a language exchange app. There are dozens of them. Apps like Tandem, Speaky, and many more all link you to native Persian speakers so each party can get the most out of the language exchange experience.

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4 – Watch Films and Videos

This is another great way for you to absorb the Persian language without hitting the books. Find films in Persian and watch them. To start, you can watch with subtitles in your own language. As you get better, you can put the subtitles in Persian language and eventually even take them off altogether. You can also watch series and online videos in Persian. The more you expose yourself to hearing Persian, the better your listening comprehension and speaking skills will become.

5 – Find Instagram Friends from Iran

Social media can be a great way for you to expose yourself to a different language. As you add friends, you’ll be more exposed to the way people actually express themselves on a daily basis, not just the formal language you learn in some Persian courses. In fact, you’ll be able to read their posts, chat with them, and take advantage of the free and fun language lesson. Unfortunately, this way of learning Persian won’t help you speak Persian – only write. Some tips on how to speak Persian more naturally are here.

6 – Do a Live Language Exchange

If you happen to live in a metropolitan city where it’s more likely to have one-on-one language exchanges and even language groups, take advantage of it. Sitting down and talking in person with someone who is a native Persian speaker is one of the best ways for you to learn how to speak Persian. They’ll be able to teach you new Persian words, correct your pronunciation and grammar mistakes, and help you learn Persian while having fun.

7 – Travel

If you have the means and the freedom, why not simply travel to Iran to learn Persian? That way you’ll be surrounded by the Persian language 24/7 and be forced to learn how to speak it in order to make yourself understood. Make sure you take the opportunity to practice Persian as much as possible.

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