10 Easy Ways to Learn Persian Effortlessly

You must have heard several times that the best way to learn Persian or any other language is to get totally engrossed with it. The best way is to create a Persian-speaking environment all around yourself and also take the help of a tutor to learn Persian for your better scores in the examination. Here are a few steps that you should follow to learn Persian faster and that too in a fun-filled way.

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1. Read books or newspapers to increase your reading skill

One of the easiest things to learn this language faster is to read it as much as you wish. In this way, you can improve your Persian vocabulary and also learn grammar and spelling. Develop the habit of reading Persian newspapers on a regular basis. In fact, most popular newspapers are written by proficient journalists and are written in a way that is flawless and is also easy to understand. If you want, you can read the online version of these newspapers easily. You can even buy Persian storybooks or even download eBooks and gain expertise in the language.

2. Check out YouTube’s Persian Videos and determine to watch them for few minutes

Most of these videos are funny and you should always look at different comments to pick a few Persian words or sentences that you are not familiar with. You can learn new Persian words and improve your vocabulary like never before. However, you have to be careful about the bizarre comments posted below the YouTube Persian videos.

3. Become a movie buff to learn Persian well

Watching Persian movies can entertain you and also help you to learn the language by allowing you to learn the new phrases and also know their proper pronunciation. Let us tell you an example, you can follow the subtitles in a diligent way. Once you are aware of the basic vocabulary of the Persian language, you must watch the same movies without following the subtitles. Make sure that you try to follow the Persian words you know and also keep on guessing the words you are unable to understand by observing the sequences happening onscreen.

4. Make new Persian speaking friends

Another way to gain proficiency in this language is to make new friends who speak Persian fluently. You can talk to them online, chat, or through Skype or other free apps and go on practicing Persian on a regular basis. To improve your writing skills you can also send emails to your friends in Persian several times. You can look out for few friends by joining popular fan communities or even through language learning online apps.

5. Take the opportunity of writing in journals

It is a good way to improve Persian vocabulary that also allows you to practice writing in the best possible way. Instead of repeating the same sentences, you learn how to learn to make sentences in a better way. You can also keep a diary where you can write new Persian phrases or words you hear or read. Plus, later you can also apply these words in your write-ups.

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6. Label all the things inside your house

Put labels on different things inside your home. For labeling write in Persian. In this way, you can learn the Persian words that represent these things of your house. You can thus think of a picture whenever you read a Persian word.

7. Make use of online application or tools

In fact, there are a few online tools available in the market that can help you to learn this language quickly. Most people use new-age mobile applications for this purpose. You can take go for a Persian online course for this matter.

8. Go Google!

Another great option is to use images on Google. Searching on Google is the best way to learn new Persian words. Search for new words in Google and look at the images representing the word and the images that will be shown may allow you to remember the Persian words.

9. Avoid using flashcards

If you use flashcards that show Persian words on one side and their similar word in another language you know. In this way, you can learn the Persian word but at a slow rate. Learning Persian with help of sound or image is a better option for you.

10. Go to a Persian speaking country

Visiting Iran can also allow you to learn Persian faster. Talk with the Iranian people that allow you to learn it better.

Learn the tips that help you to learn and gain expertise in the Persian language.

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