On Praising God for the Creation of Mankind گفتار اندر صنع باری عز اسمه در ترکیب خلقت انسان

On Praising God for the Creation of Mankind گفتار اندر صنع باری عز اسمه در ترکیب خلقت انسان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

To the number of joints in finger, give thought!
Which with Euclid’s precision together He brought.
‘Twould therefore be folly and madness in one,
A finger to place on a work He has done.
ببین تا یک انگشت از چند بند
به صنع الهی به هم درفگند
پس آشفتگی باشد و ابلهی
که انگشت بر حرف صنعش نهی
On the gait of a man, let your thoughts be profound!
How together some bones He has jointed and bound!
Without moving the ankle, the knee and the toe,
A step from the spot one’s unable to go!
تأمل کن از بهر رفتار مرد
که چند استخوان پی زد و وصل کرد
که بی گردش کعب و زانو و پای
نشاید قدم بر گرفتن ز جای
A man without trouble can make himself prone,
For his back is not fashioned from one piece of bone.
He has two hundred bones on each other so laid,
That a tall, clayey structure, like you, He has made!
ازان سجده بر آدمی سخت نیست
که در صلب او مهره یک لخت نیست
دو صد مهره در یکدگر ساختهست
که گل مهرهای چون تو پرداختهست
The veins of your body, oh you, of sweet looks!
Form a mead with three hundred and sixty rich brooks.
In the head are established reflection and sight;
There, too, are discretion and thinking aright.
The body is dear, on account of the mind;
And the mind, too, for knowledge most precious you find.
رگت بر تن است ای پسندیده خوی
زمینی در او سیصد و شصت جوی
بصر در سر و فکر و رای و تمیز
جوارح به دل، دل به دانش عزیز
The brutes, being mean, have a down-hanging face;
You’re erect on your feet like an ” Alif” in grace.
He has placed their mouths downwards, to help them to feed;
The food to your mouth, you with dignity lead.
بهایم به روی اندر افتاده خوار
تو همچون الف بر قدمها سوار
نگون کرده ایشان سر از بهر خور
تو آری به عزت خورش پیش سر
It does not look well, when such pref rence is shown,
That you bow your head down save to worship alone.
نزیبد تو را با چنین سروری
که سر جز به طاعت فرود آوری
به انعام خود دانه دادت نه کاه
نکردت چو انعام سر در گیاه
And yet with this form, that can pleasure inspire,
Be not of dazzled! a good disposition acquire!
You require the straight road, not a stature that’s straight;
For the scoffer is like us in figure and gait
ولیکن بدین صورت دلپذیر
فرفته مشو، سیرت خوب گیر
ره راست باید نه بالای راست
که کافر هم از روی صورت چو ماست
  Do not seek to contend against Him, if you’re wise,
Who gave you your ears and your mouth and your eyes!
I admit you don’t batter your foe with a stone;
Do not fight with the Friend, out of rudeness alone!
Those of wise disposition who gratitude know,
Their wealth with the needle of thanksgiving sew.
خردمند طبعان منت شناس
بدوزند نعمت به میخ سپاس


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