story of the robber and the grocer حکایت دزد و سیستانی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A robber came out of the desert one day,
And passed by the gate of Sistan? on his way.
شنیدم که دزدی درآمد ز دشت
به دروازه سیستان برگذشت
From a grocer, who tended a stall in the street,
He purchased some victuals and dainties, to eat
The grocer purloined from him half of a ” Dang”;
The thief, of dark deeds, thus commenced to harangue
بدزدید بقال از او نیم دانگ
برآورد دزد سیهکار بانگ:
“Consume Thou! oh God! the night-robber, I pray!
For the Sistani robs in the broad light of day.”
خدایا تو شب رو به آتش مسوز
که ره میزند سیستانی به روز


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