On the Advantage of Screening حکایت در خاصیت پرده پوشی و سلامت خاموشی

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A certain one sat before David of Tai,
Saying, “So and so Sufi I saw tipsy lie;
His turban and shirt stained with vomited food,
A number of dogs in a ring round him stood.”
یکی پیش داود طائی نشست
که دیدم فلان صوفی افتاده مست
قی آلوده دستار و پیراهنش
گروهی سگان حلقه پیرامنش
When the good-natured man heard this tale to a close,
On his face angry frowns at the speaker arose.
He was wroth for a little and said, i Oh my friend!
To-day a kind comrade will prove a Godsend.
چو پیر از جوان این حکایت شنید
به آزار از او روی در هم کشید
زمانی برآشفت و گفت ای رفیق
بکار آید امروز یار شفیق
Go! and bring him away from that horrible place!
For by law it’s forbid; to our sect, it’s disgrace!
On your back, man-like, bring him, for drunkards they say,
Do not hold in their ringers the reins of the way! “
برو زان مقام شنیعش بیار
که در شرع نهی است و در خرقه عار
به پشتش درآور چو مردان که مست
عنان سلامت ندارد به دست
These words made the hearer look wretchedly blank;
Like an ass in the mire, in reflection he sank.
He could not evade the injunction he got;
And he loathed to convey on his shoulders a sot.
نیوشنده شد زین سخن تنگدل
به فکرت فرو رفت چون خر به گل
نه زهره که فرمان نگیرد به گوش
نه یارا که مست اندر آرد به دوش
He writhed for a time but no remedy saw,
Nor means from the order his head to withdraw.
He got ready and carried him off, without choice,
On his shoulders ; the city roughs making a noise.
زمانی بپیچید و درمان ندید
ره سرکشیدن ز فرمان ندید
میان بست و بی اختیارش به دوش
درآورد و شهری بر او عام جوش
One cursing them shouted, ” These Dervishes heed!
How good are their piety, chasteness and creed! “
” See the wine-drinking Sufis” another one cried,
“Who have pawned their patched garments for wine, fortified!”
یکی طعنه میزد که درویش بین
زهی پارسایان پاکیزه دین!
یکی صوفیان بین که میخوردهاند
مرقع به سیکی گرو کردهاند
People pointed their fingers as onwards they slunk,
Saying, “This one’s top-heavy and that one half drunk! “
A sword on the neck, struck by tyrannous foe,
Is more just than town jeers and the rage of the “low.”
اشارت کنان این و آن را به دست
که آن سرگران است و این نیم مست
به گردن بر از جور دشمن حسام
به از شنعت شهر و جوش عوام
Misfortune he bore; passed a troublesome day;
Without choice, he conveyed him to where his home lay.
From reflection and shame, he was sleepless that night;
Next morning Tai smiling remarked, at his plight: 
بلا دید و روزی به محنت گذاشت
به ناکام بردش به جایی که داشت
شب از فکرت و نامرادی نخفت
دگر روز پیرش به تعلیم گفت
“In the street, you should never a brother defame!
For Time, in the city will treat you the same! ‘
مریز آبروی برادر به کوی
که دهرت نریزد به شهر آبروی


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