On the Instruction of Children گفتار اندر پروردن فرزندان

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Bid a boy, when ten years shall have passed o’er his head,
Live apart from the maids he may lawfully wed!
‘Tis improper, a fire upon cotton to light,
For the house, in a twink, is consumed in its might.
پسر چون زده بر گذشتش سنین
ز نامحرمان گو فراتر نشین
بر پنبه آتش نشاید فروخت
که تا چشم بر هم زنی خانه سوخت
When you wish that your name may be permanent here,
In knowledge and wisdom, your son you should rear!
For should he be wanting in wisdom and mind,
You die, and you leave no relation behind!
چو خواهی که نامت بماند به جای
پسر را خردمندی آموز و رای
که گر عقل و طبعش نباشد بسی
بمیری و از تو نماند کسی
The son often suffers a deal of mishap,
When reared by the father in luxury’s lap.
As a prudent and abstinent person, him, train!
And from petting him much, if you love him, refrain!
بسا روزگارا که سختی برد
پسر چون پدر نازکش پرورد
خردمند و پرهیزگارش برآر
گرش دوست داری بنازش مدار
Chastise and instruct him, while still he’s a lad;
Use favours and threats, in his good and his bad!
For a learner, much better commending and praise,
Than the threats and reproaches a tutor displays!
به خردی درش زجر و تعلیم کن
به نیک و بدش وعده و بیم کن
نوآموز را ذکر و تحسین و زه
ز توبیخ و تهدید استاد به
Teach the son you have nurtured to work with his hand!
Even should you a treasure, like Korah’s, command!
In the wealth you possess you ought not to confide!
For the wealth you
may have may not with you abide.
بیاموز پرورده را دسترنج
وگر دست داری چو قارون به گنج
مکن تکیه بر دستگاهی که هست
که باشد که نعمت نماند به دست
A purse, full of money, may empty become;
The purse of the artisan always shows some.
And how do you know that the changes of time,
May not force him to wander in many a clime?
بپایان رسد کیسه سیم و زر
نگردد تهی کیسه پیشهور
چه دانی که گردیدن روزگار
به غربت بگرداندش در دیار
If a useful profession he has at command,
When to men will he stretch a necessitous hand?
You know not how Sadi obtained high degree?
He crossed not the desert, he ploughed not the sea;
چو بر پیشهای باشدش دسترس
کجا دست حاجت برد پیش کس؟
ندانی که سعدی مرا از چه یافت؟
نه هامون نوشت و نه دریا شکافت
When young, he had cuffs from his elders to brave;
When older the Lord to him piety gave!
Whoever his neck in obedience will place,
Will himself give command, in a very short space.
به خردی بخورد از بزرگان قفا
خدا دادش اندر بزرگی صفا
هر آن کس که گردن به فرمان نهد
بسی بر نیاید که فرمان دهد
The stripling who feels not the teacher’s rebuff,
Will endure at Time’s hand bitter hardships enough.
Your son, then, in goodness and comfort maintain!
That in others, his hope may not have to remain.
هر آن طفل کو جور آموزگار
نبیند، جفا بیند از روزگار
پسر را نکودار و راحت رسان
که چشمش نماند به دست کسان
In rearing your son, if no trouble you take,
Some one else takes the trouble and makes him a rake.
هر آن کس که فرزند را غم نخورد
دگر کس غمش خورد و بدنام کرد
From a wicked companion, protect him with care!
For his vice and bad fortune he with him will share.
نگهدار از آمیزگار بدش
که بدبخت و بی ره کند چون خودش


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