Story of the dervish and the rich man حکایت در معنی رحمت بر ضعیفان و اندیشه در عاقبت

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

A Dervish complained of his state, so distressed,
To a hot-tempered person who riches possessed.
Not a rap did the black-hearted miser bestow;
But, in arrogance, angrily bawled at him, so
  بنالید درویشی از ضعف حال
بر تندرویی خداوند مال
نه دینار دادش سیه دل نه دانگ
بر او زد به سرباری از طیره بانگ
That the poor beggar’s heart, at his tyranny, bled;
He from grief raised his head, and, “Oh wonderment said;
“Why at least should one opulent sour-visaged be?
From the terror of begging, perhaps, he is free “!  
دل سائل از جور او خون گرفت
سر از غم برآورد و گفت ای شگفت
توانگر ترش روی، باری، چراست؟
مگر مینترسد ز تلخی خواست؟
The short-sighted ordered; the slave, in due course,
Expelled him in perfect disgrace, and by force.
As he failed to give thanks to the cherishing Lord,
I have heard that good fortune away from him soared.  
بفرمود کوته نظر تا غلام
براندش بخواری و زجر تمام
به ناکردن شکر پروردگار
شنیدم که برگشت از او روزگار  
The head of his greatness, on ruin he placed;
And Mercury’s pen, his fair fortune effaced.  
بزرگیش سر در تباهی نهاد
عطارد قلم در سیاهی نهاد
Like a garlic clove, Wretchedness seated him nude;
He saved not his baggage nor pack-horses, good.
On his head Fate the dust of starvation then brought;
His purse and his hand, like the juggler’s, held nought.  
شقاوت برهنه نشاندش چو سیر
نه بارش رها کردو نه بارگیر
فشاندش قضا بر سر از فاقه خاک
مشعبد صفت، کیسه و دست پاک
His state was completely inverted at last;
With affairs in this pickle, a period passed.
To a kind-hearted person his slave was consigned;
Rich of heart and of hand, and enlightened in mind.
سراپای حالش دگرگونه گشت
بر این ماجری مدتی برگذشت
غلامش به دست کریمی فتاد
توانگر دل و دست و روشن نهاد  
At the sight of a pauper, in sorrowful plight,
He was glad as the poor, to whom wealth gives delight.
At night, some one asked for a bit at his door
Weak in step from the burden of hardship he bore.  
به دیدار مسکین آشفته حال
چنان شاد بودی که مسکین به مال
شبانگه یکی بر درش لقمه جست
ز سختی کشیدن قدمهاش سست
The clear-sighted man, thus, his servant addressed —:
“Go and gladden the heart of that beggar, distressed”!
When the slave carried near him a share from the tray,
He uttered a cry, he was helpless to stay;  
بفرمود صاحب نظر بنده را
که خشنود کن مرد درمنده را
چو نزدیک بردش ز خوان بهرهای
برآورد بی خویشتن نعرهای
And when he returned to his master again,
The tears on his cheeks made his secret quite plain.
شکسته دل آمد بر خواجه باز
عیان کرده اشکش به دیباجه راز
The chief of the happy in nature, then, said
“Whose tyranny causes those tears to be shed “?
بپرسید سالار فرخنده خوی
که اشکت ز جور که آمد به روی؟
He answered, ” My heart grieves as much as it can,
At the state of this aged, unfortunate man.
For I was his slave in the good days of old;
He was owner of property, silver and gold;
بگفت اندرونم بشورید سخت
بر احوال این پیر شوریده بخت
که مملوک وی بودم اندر قدیم
خداوند اسباب و املاک و سیم
When, in grandeur and pride, his hand ceased to be
In dbor-to-door begging, his hand became long “, strong,
He smiled, saying, “This is not harshness, oh son!
The changes of Time bring oppression to none.
چو کوتاه شد دستش از عز و ناز
کند دست خواهش به درها دراز
بخندید وگفت ای پسر جور نیست
ستم بر کس از گردش دور نیست
Is this wretch not that merchant of days long gone by,
Who, in haughtiness, carried his head to the sky?
I am he whom that day he expelled from his gate —
The revolving of Time has placed him in my state.
نه آن تند روی است بازارگان
که بردی سر از کبر بر آسمان؟
من آنم که آن روزم از در براند
به روز منش دور گیتی نشاند
The Sky once again took a look at my case,
And washed all the traces of dust from my face.
If God in His wisdom one portal should close,
By His favour another wide-open He throws.
نگه کرد باز آسمان سوی من
فرو شست گرد غم از روی من
خدای ار به حکمت ببندد دری
گشاید به فضل و کرم دیگری
Full many a pauper has satisfied grown;
Many rich men’s affairs have become overthrown “-
بسا مفلس بینوا سیر شد
بسا کار منعم زبر زیر شد


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